Virtual Learning at CCA Helps Focus on Extracurricular Programs

There’s so much more to cyber school than just online learning. At CCA, there is a club or activity for nearly any interest students might have.

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From sports to science, art or volunteer work, extracurricular activities at our online school help students pursue an interest or find a new one.

CCA students can meet in person for local events or gather for their activities virtually. Either way, students can have fun acquiring new skills, improving their talents and meeting new people from across the entire state through cyber school extracurricular programs.

One benefit of being a student in an online public charter school is that the ability to take classes on your own schedule gives students more time and opportunity to participate in multiple cyber school extracurricular programs than students at a traditional brick-and-mortar program might have.

The clubs offered at CCA change from year to year to reflect our students’ changing interests. The following are just a sampling of the extracurricular activities offered at our online school.

Art Clubs at Our Online School

Art Club

Students can explore traditional and 3D art, graphic design and photography in this club for elementary and middle school students.

Arts and Crafts Club

Students in grades K-8 can turn everyday objects into art with the Arts and Crafts Club.

Theater Arts Club

Students in grades 6-12 learn about stage set designs for Broadway productions, choreography and how to write plays. Participants can share their performances.

Broadcast Club

Students in grades 6-12 learn about print and broadcast media and can share broadcast story segments.

Literary Clubs

Book Club

Students in all grades can meet monthly to discuss books they have chosen to read as a group. A club facilitator helps moderate the sessions in live meetings and online forums.

Brainteasers Club

Students of all ages work on logic problems, Sudoku puzzles and other brain teasers, and they have the chance to create their own.

Debate Club

Students in grades 6-12 develop public speaking and critical thinking skills as they consider weekly topics to debate. Facilitators help members develop statements and arguments, learn debate rules and consider current events.

Digital Storytelling Club

All students can join the club to use various computer programs to weave pictures and audio into their original stories and share them with their peers.

Mathematics Clubs

Chess Club

Members complete a tutorial and then are matched with opponents of the same skill level to compete in online games. Students also can participate in an annual tournament. CCA offers two levels of the group — an Intro to Chess Club and an Advanced Chess Club – so students at any skill level in all grades K-12 can participate.

Science and Technology Clubs

Gaming and Computer Club

Gamers and tech-oriented students in grades 6-12 can learn about jobs in the industry, discuss gaming styles, and create and share original work in this club.

Science Club

Club members in grades 6-12 gain hands-on experience with science experiments, learn how science impacts them and their towns, and learn how to put together a science fair presentation.

Coding and Computers Club

Students in grades K-5 – from beginner to expert – will solve puzzles, play games and create their own computer games and activities while learning the basics of coding and programming.

Our online public school also offers a Computer Science Club for students in grades 9-12.

Volunteer and Service Clubs

Environmental Club

Students of all ages discuss local and global environmental issues. Each session features a project based on the week’s topic, and students can share their results. Guest speakers also participate.

Youth & Government Club

High school students participate in this mock government experience designed for student leaders across the state. Students are extensively trained throughout the year to fulfill the roles of government at the Model Legislature Convention in Harrisburg in the spring. The club meets at various weekend events throughout the year.

Home Life Club

Elementary students engage in activities and projects focused on daily living skills, including cooking, decorating, sewing, family interactions and home care.

How Do Cyber School Students Participate in Extracurricular Activities?

It’s very easy for CCA students to get involved in cyber school extracurricular activities.

CCA sends out a sign-up form twice a year – typically in October and January – describing all the clubs currently offered, so families can be involved in helping students select extracurricular activities in their online school. Once students choose the activities they’re interested in, parents must sign off on their students’ participation in clubs at CCA.

Students can join multiple clubs, and many do because they enjoy the flexible schedule afforded by a cyber school. Every club has a teacher adviser who oversees the activities and events throughout the school year. They coordinate meeting agendas and organize events. If the club is competitive, they are in charge of the logistics of competing.

Teachers contact the students who sign up and select a time that works best for most people’s schedules. Although most club meetings are held online, they can be held at a regional Family Service Center.

Depending on the club, meetings are weekly or biweekly. With CCA’s flexible schedule, many cyber school extracurricular activities are held on Fridays because middle and high school students often have fewer lessons on those days. Otherwise, they meet in the late afternoon.

If a student is interested in a club that doesn’t exist, they can apply to start one. A club committee, made of school administrators, considers the requests and, if it approves, assigns a teacher to pilot the club. After a few months, it will be up for approval from the school board.

With so many possibilities for learning, socializing and making new friends from across the entire state of Pennsylvania through cyber school extracurricular activities – and a flexible schedule that makes it easy – there’s no reason not to try a new club in your online school.

Learn More About Student Life at CCA

Cyber school extracurricular activities are a vital part of the customized educational experience at CCA. They are a great way to expand your horizons, learn a new skill and make new friends from across Pennsylvania.

Contact a CCA parent to hear how CCA supports their child as they gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve success. If you’re ready to get started, enroll today!