Our Online High School Program

High school learners lead the charge in their cyber education.

CCA student holding beaker at Agworks facility

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High school students at Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) lead the charge in their education by setting goals, working independently and exploring career and college opportunities.

Like most online schools in Pennsylvania, our high school program serves students in grades 9 to 12. CCA’s curriculum is designed to guide each student into a successful future – whether they choose to attend college or technical school, enlist in the military, or join the workforce after graduation. From a student’s initial cyber school enrollment, CCA is invested in helping all Pennsylvania students pursue their dreams and find success. 

High school students continue to work with learning coaches and guidance counselors to develop a customized plan to help them meet their post-high school goals. At CCA, students participate in online learning via a live, virtual classroom environment where they interact with their peers and teachers more independently than they did in middle school. They use our customized learning management system – edio® – to manage their schedule, communicate with teachers, turn in assignments and build a student portfolio.

At CCA, the focus is not just on earning a high school diploma, but on life after graduation. We strive to ensure students graduate with the skills to become leaders who positively contribute to the communities in which they live, work and play.

CCA offers a rich selection of electives, hands-on workshops, career-focused clubs and career-preparation activities, including internships and job shadowing.

Online High School Courses for CCA Cyber Students

Math, science, English and social studies continue to serve as the core online learning curriculum, approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center; however, high school students are offered a wide variety of courses, electives, activities and career-readiness opportunities through our Career Pathways program, allowing them to explore an array of career options. CCA can also design learning programs and provide support services to students with disabilities.