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High school learners lead the charge in their education by setting goals, working independently and exploring career and college options.

CCA student holding beaker at Agworks facilityHigh school students at Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) lead the charge in their education by setting goals, working independently and exploring career and college opportunities.

Like most online schools in Pennsylvania, our high school program serves students in grades 9 to 12. CCA’s curriculum is designed to guide each student into a successful future – whether they choose to attend college or technical school, enlist in the military, or join the workforce after graduation. From a student’s initial cyber school enrollment, CCA is invested in helping all Pennsylvania students pursue their dreams and find success. 

High school students continue to work with learning coaches and guidance counselors to develop a customized plan to help them meet their post-high school goals. At CCA, students participate in online learning via a live, virtual classroom environment where they interact with their peers and teachers more independently than they did in middle school. They use our customized learning management system – edio – to manage their schedule, communicate with teachers, turn in assignments and build a student portfolio.

At CCA, the focus is not just on earning a high school diploma, but on life after graduation. We strive to ensure students graduate with the skills to become leaders who positively contribute to the communities in which they live, work and play.

CCA offers a rich selection of electives, hands-on workshops, career-focused clubs and career-preparation activities, including internships and job shadowing.

Courses Available to CCA Cyber Students

Math, science, English and social studies continue to serve as the core online learning curriculum, approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center; however, high school students are offered a wide variety of courses, electives, activities and career-readiness opportunities through our Career Pathways program, allowing them to explore an array of career options. CCA can also design learning programs and provide support services to students with disabilities.

In our online setting, high school students have many more elective course options compared to the often limited choices at other schools. Students can take elective courses in many areas they are interested, such as:

Other Academic Opportunities for Students

Our online high school program is committed to career readiness. CCA delivers a customized online learning experience that prepares students to succeed in school and discover their future path. 

We offer career-focused clubs, such as a Coding and Computers Club and even an Aquaponics Club in which students learn sustainable innovations in agriculture through our AgWorks at CCAfacility in Harrisburg. 

In addition to career-oriented courses, such as entrepreneurship and engineering classes, CCA offers a Career Pathways program that assists students in attending hands-on workshops and lectures with professionals in the field, and secure internships while still attending school online.

Because our cyber high school students work at their own pace, we offer many honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students looking for more rigorous academic opportunities, such as:

For high school students who aim to go to college, AP courses provide students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. Students also can take college courses while enrolled at CCA through our College in High School program.

Our public cyber charter school acknowledges that no two students are the same and no two students learn the same way. Because of this, CCA offers students the opportunity to learn between school years with our online summer school program. This is a great way to explore electives, get ahead with additional courses or catch up on credits. 

College and Career Planning

Our teachers and staff at CCA are dedicated to helping students succeed. For our high school students, graduation is not the end. In fact, it is quite the opposite. 

Because a student’s life after earning a high school diploma is the focus of our online learning, CCA provides in-depth support to ensure parents and students understand graduation requirements and are well prepared for life beyond high school.

At CCA, college- and career-planning classes start engaging students in conversations about their future beginning in middle school. In our online high school programs, the curriculum shifts each year to meet students where they are, beginning by introducing them to career paths and having them take interest surveys to match them with potential fields. These surveys are repeated each year to encourage students to consider a variety of ideas and reinforce the need to start thinking about the future. By their senior year, students are turning concepts into practice.  

When students reach 12th grade, the educational program splits into two paths: college and career preparation. Students can select the courses that best meet their plans and receive the information most relevant to their path. Students who are undecided about their future can follow both tracks.

Students who opt for the college track receive guidance related to identifying schools and majors, applying to colleges, understanding financial aid and organizing their time effectively.

The career track includes education about workplace norms and expectations, and training to develop skills with interviewing, applying for jobs and writing resumes and cover letters. 

Other Ways We Help Prepare Students

At CCA, we help high school students find internship opportunities in their fields of interest and encourage them to get experience while they are still in high school. That focus in our online learning gives them a head start compared to students at other schools who might not get an internship until college or after graduation, which speaks to the quality of our online high school program and the self-motivation of our students.

In addition to a large number of online and in-person college tours, CCA coordinates with college admissions counselors to visit our Family Service Centers around the state.

To prepare PA high school students for real-world situations, CCA’s online high school program requires every student to take a personal finance class. The state does not require this course as part of any diploma programs for graduation, but you can’t get a high school diploma from CCA without it. Studies have found that nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test and yet most other schools do not offer a personal finance course, let alone make it a graduation requirement. 

Cyber School Graduation

CCA ensures graduating seniors are prepared for the transition from high school to becoming productive community members. Certified guidance counselors at CCA work with each student to plan for life after graduation. 

CCA holds in-person graduation ceremonies across the state so parents can see the monumental moment when their child walks across the stage in their cap and gown to receive their high school diploma. Although our seniors take advantage of online learning, we believe their hard work and success should be recognized with a ceremony and celebration filled with music, food and family photo opportunities. 

CCA high school students must earn a minimum of 21 credits to graduate. Explore our graduation requirements for more information.

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