How Cyber School Graduation Works With CCA

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Reaching the end of high school is an important achievement in a student’s life. Each year as the school year winds down, we at Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) get to celebrate and recognize the students who are ready to enjoy the reward for their hard work — graduating. Holding cyber school graduation ceremonies is our way of acknowledging the students who achieve this significant milestone. 

A Commonwealth Charter Academy commencement ceremony is a special time for you and your child. But what does graduation look like for a virtual charter school? Read on to learn more about what you can expect during a CCA graduation ceremony and what accommodations are being made for family members who are unable to attend.

What to Expect During the Ceremony

As a parent, graduation is a special time of year to mark the end of your child’s senior year and the beginning of the next chapter of their life. At CCA, we hold ceremonies in various areas and theatre-style venues throughout the state during the spring graduation season for our seniors. Our cyber graduating class is getting larger and larger every year, and we are always excited to share this moment with you and your child. 

At graduation, students will walk up on stage in their caps and gowns to receive their diplomas. Once every student has received their diploma, students will be asked to move their tassels from right to left to signify their accomplishment. We also select our top students in each region to address their classmates with inspiring speeches.

At CCA, we believe our students’ success would not be possible without their hard work and the support of their families, so we see graduation as a celebration for the whole family to enjoy. We encourage our students to see graduation as a launch pad to start on their new journeys and look forward to their careers.

Following CCA’s Graduations

We understand that not every family member may be able to attend the CCA graduation ceremony for a multitude of reasons. However, we have accommodations to make sure every family member can celebrate your child’s big day. At Commonwealth Charter Academy, we offer ceremony webcasts for all four cyber school graduation ceremonies. These webcasts allow family members to stream the in-person graduation ceremonies. After the ceremonies, clips will be posted on our social media pages so you can relive and share this special moment whenever you want.

If you have younger children who are currently thinking they may want to enroll in CCA, these ceremony webcasts serve as a great introduction to our school. They provide valuable insights about our institutions that most prospective students do not get the chance to see. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages to view a replay of any of our CCA commencement ceremonies.

What Graduation Means to CCA

At Commonwealth Charter Academy, we believe our work doesn’t end when your child puts on their cap and gown and walks across the stage to receive their diploma. Graduation is a culmination of public school education, and it is a launching pad for your student’s future success. 

Our commitment to your child’s success extends to helping them prepare for life after graduation — no matter if they choose to continue their education at college or a technical school, head straight into the workforce, or enlist in the military. Our support services are dedicated to making sure your child meets all our graduation requirements and receives a quality educational experience throughout the entirety of their academic career. Your student’s time at CCA will be filled with hands-on opportunities as well as opportunities to develop college- and career-ready skills before they graduate.

Graphic: Our commitment to your child's success

Our dedicated, certified school counselors focus on forming a relationship with you and your child early on to provide support throughout their time at CCA. Everything our counselors do focuses on ensuring your child’s success while they are at CCA and preparing them for life after graduation. At Commonwealth Charter Academy, our school counseling and career prep services aim to assist your student to succeed in whatever path they choose for their post-secondary career. 

Our counselors support you and your child with:

Near the end of your child’s senior year, they may start feeling a range of mixed emotions. Your child may feel excited about what their future holds and somewhat uncertain about the new beginning that lies ahead of them. All our counselors have advanced degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology, so they are equipped to help your child address any issues that may arise to help them prepare for a successful future. 

Learn More About CCA Today!

If you are currently living in Pennsylvania and are interested in educating your child in a cyber school environment, Commonwealth Charter Academy may be a great fit for your family. At CCA, your child will be able to set their own pace to advance through CCA’s curriculum and plan their day to fulfill their class requirements around your family’s schedule. 

Our educational institution provides a safe learning environment that allows your child to have their own space to learn, study, and explore their interests within your home. CCA also provides a laptop, printer, second monitor, and internet subsidy for your child to help set them up for a successful school year — all at no cost to your family. For additional support, you and your child can visit one of our Family Service Centers in more than a dozen locations across Pennsylvania.

Contact us today to request more information about Commonwealth Charter Academy or to enroll. We look forward to inspiring a lifelong love of learning to prepare your child for success in school and their future.

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