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Public Cyber Charter School at No Cost to Families

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is a top accredited public cyber charter school that provides personalized educational programs and services to students in grades K through 12 at no cost to families ... How School Should Work!

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At CCA, we partner in your children’s education, supporting their success through custom programs and K-12 online classes.


Cyber charter school at No Cost to Families

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is a top-accredited K through 12 public cyber charter school that provides personalized, high-quality education to all Pennsylvania students at no cost to families. At CCA, we meet you where you are, no matter if you’re in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or somewhere else in Pennsylvania. Our programs are designed to match your child’s skills, interests, and educational needs.

Learn how CCA programs can help your child. We want your child’s cyber school experience to be different. We know each child has different dreams and goals when it comes to learning and what he or she wants to do in life. That’s why we offer a wide range of programs so your child can have the best cyber school experience possible through our high standards. At the same time, you will be provided the flexibility that only a cyber school environment can offer. Learn More

See why parents choose CCA for cyber school enrollment. At CCA, we believe we’re only as capable as the students who graduate from our public cyber charter school. In addition to providing our students with the best experience during their time here, we want to make sure they are prepared for what lies ahead. We have a great track record with students, and CCA parents agree, with more than 90 percent of them saying they are satisfied with their family’s CCA experience. We know you will be, too. Learn More

High-quality K-12 education

For parents in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and the rest of Pennsylvania CCA is the leading choice for their children’s cyber school needs.

Elementary school: CCA’s elementary school serves students in K-5. The elementary school curriculum is largely in print and supplemented by virtual content. As students advance through elementary school, they receive more content delivered online; however, printed materials are still provided. The elementary school curriculum taught by our top public cyber charter school teachers includes courses in math, science, language arts/English and social studies for every grade. In a family service organization, the entire family is involved in the elementary education process. Because CCA parents serve as their children’s learning coaches, they have the ability to collaborate with their children’s Pennsylvania-certified teachers in personalizing the curriculum. Discover what sets apart our elementary school from others.

Middle school: CCA serves middle school students in grades 6-8. As cyber school students transition to CCA’s middle school, the responsibilities of the learning coaches evolve into a more supportive role. They still provide some oversight of the child’s activities and maintain regular communication with teachers. Middle school students work directly with subject-specific teachers and participate in virtual classes where they interact with classmates. The learning management system allows teachers to provide support and communicate with online education students. Middle school students receive additional educational support from a guidance counselor or adviser. Learn more about our middle school.

High school: CCA’s high school serves students in grades 9-12. The curriculum is designed to guide each student into a successful future – whether they choose to attend college or a technical school, or enter the military or workforce after graduation. Math, science, English and social studies continue to form the core curriculum. However, high school students are offered a wide variety of courses, electives, activities and conservatory opportunities, allowing them to explore many career options. High school students continue to work with learning coaches and counselors to develop a personalized plan to help them meet their goals after graduation. Students use CCA’s technology to participate in a live, virtual classroom environment where they interact with their peers and teachers more independently. They use the learning management system to turn in assignments and build a student portfolio. Take a look at what makes our high school one of the best.

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