CCAmbassadors spread the cyber school love

Our CCAmbassadors program allows our Pennsylvania families to spread the word about Commonwealth Charter Academy through a variety of ways.

At Commonwealth Charter Academy, word of mouth is often the way families hear about our cyber charter school. Families who found a perfect fit at CCA aren’t shy when it comes to spreading the news. That’s why we created our CCAmbassadors program.

CCAmbassadors raise awareness of our cyber charter school as an option for families in their community. By sharing their family’s success at our school with others, CCAmbassadors help families find the ways CCA can fit their unique needs.

Any CCA family can be a part of our CCAmbassadors program. If you are interested in advocating for our school and building new relationships in your community, CCAmbassadors is for you.

To learn more about the CCAmbassadors program, contact Natasha Shane at [email protected].