Online School Academic Programs at CCA

The Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) team is dedicated to providing your child with a valuable cyber school experience through a customized education plan delivered on your schedule at your pace, combined with unique extracurricular programs.

CCA student wearing glasses writing in a notebookThese cyber charter school programs are designed with the goal of delivering educational excellence for your child’s success in school and in the future. We do this by committing to high standards and providing flexibility that only online charter school programs can provide to PA students.

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Commitment to Career-Readiness Training

Our Career Pathways program is part of a schoolwide commitment to providing all students with 21st century skills, the ability to discover their future careers and the tools to succeed in life. This philosophy is part of the educational experience for all our cyber school students. We introduce elementary students to success skills and early career exploration.

By high school, students can explore any one of five different Career Pathways to gain knowledge, experience and skills that can be used in life after high school. Because of the flexibility of online school programs, students use Career Pathways to help discover internship possibilities in which they can participate during high school.

Gifted & Talented Programs for CCA Students

Our online charter school programs are customized for every level of learning. For students in grades 3-12 seeking more rigorous coursework, we offer an Honors program. In high school, we also offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses for an additional challenge and a College in High School program. Students in the Honors program, which incorporates project-based learning, must regularly participate in class discussion and problem-solving. The Honors and Advanced Placement programs strive to meet or exceed the standards set forth by the National Association for Gifted Learners.

English Language Development Program at CCA

CCA’s K-12 English Language Development Program offers students customized learning opportunities and celebrates the cultural diversity of students in our cyber charter school programs.

Our multifaceted program provides English learners with targeted language development instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing from PA-certified English as a Second Language Program Specialist Teachers and access to additional resources such as National Geographic’s English Language Development (ELD) curriculum.

To better communicate with families, we also provide interpreters and translations for all school-to-home communication, as well as traditional face-to-face support at our regional Family Service Centers and dedicated family mentors to support our English Learners.

Special Education for Online Students at CCA

Our special education program is successful due to its uniqueness. The program offers families with students who have special learning needs the ability to customize strategies and services.

We reach each student on their individual level by providing unique accommodations and modifications based on each student’s individualized education program (IEP). Accommodating whatever pace a child needs to learn is another benefit of cyber charter school programs, because students can learn at their speed on their schedule from the comfort and safety of their own home.

We Have a Diverse and Engaging Academic Curriculum

CCA’s online charter school programs are customized for each student to reflect the student’s individual interests, skills and learning styles.

Students and families are at the center of everything we do in our online school programs, and that means students can study what interests them, try something new because it’s OK to make mistakes along the way, and learn at a time and place that work best for everyone. We know our CCA students come to us with different learning levels and educational needs, and the flexibility of our cyber charter school programs allows us to provide each student with a customized, quality education.

If you need extra help in some courses, our teachers and guidance counselors are prepared to offer that assistance and even one-on-one sessions if necessary. If you’re looking for a more rigorous academic challenge, we offer an Honors program beginning in third grade. By high school, we add Advanced Placement (AP) courses and a College in the High School program.

The flexibility of our online school academic programs enables us to offer a wide variety of electives – a variety of foreign languages, every level of math, gaming and coding courses, 3D design, music and even a fly fishing course.

If your child wants to learn it, we can find a way to make that learning available through our online school programs.

Supporting Online Learning at Every Grade Level

For parents across Pennsylvania, CCA is the leading choice for their children’s cyber charter school needs.

Elementary School Program

Our cyber school academic programs for students in grades K-5 are designed to involve the entire family in the CCA community. We provide the tools and resources for online school programs, and we nurture personal growth and creative thinking.

Our customized elementary school curriculum is largely in print and supplemented by virtual content. Parents or guardians usually serve as their child’s learning coach in our online public school, allowing them to develop a close relationship with their child’s teachers.

Middle School Program

For students in grades 6 to 8, our customized programs introduce several elective classes and move students to more virtual classes with subject-specific teachers. The learning coaches still provide oversight but serve as more of an adviser. Given the many academic and personal changes that middle school brings, students in our programs receive additional educational support from a school counselor.

High School Program

CCA’s high school serves students in grades 9-12. Our cyber school academic programs at this level focus students more squarely on being career- and college-ready as they prepare not just for graduation but their future lives. In addition to a core curriculum, high school students are offered a wide variety of courses, electives, activities and career exploration opportunities. They will develop goals for post graduation and build a student portfolio, and they can even take college courses in high school or secure internships or jobs.

CCA Is a Fully Accredited Online Pennsylvania School

CCA is accredited by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, which recognizes that we provide a high-quality education that can be reciprocated with other schools. The accreditation also validates the value of CCA’s education to other accredited institutions.

We employ a dedicated staff of Pennsylvania-certified teachers, with their focus on working together with family members to customize a curriculum centered around students’ unique needs and interests, our teachers and counselors are an integral part of giving students the help they need to succeed and the room they need to grow.

In addition to providing an accredited core curriculum for all of our students, CCA and its teachers work career- and college-readiness skills into lessons and extracurricular activities beginning in kindergarten. By the time CCA students are seniors, they have the opportunity to explore multiple careers, build a portfolio, have a plan for after high school and are prepared to succeed in college or a vocational school, in the job market or as a member of the military.

Our staff and teachers are always on the lookout for ways they can connect with the students in our online school programs. Some of the programs they have helped develop include:

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