Online School Academic Programs at CCA

The Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) team is dedicated to providing your child with a valuable cyber school experience through a customized education plan delivered on your schedule at your pace, combined with unique extracurricular programs.

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Table of contents:

These cyber charter school programs are designed with the goal of delivering educational excellence for your child’s success in school and in the future. We do this by committing to high standards and providing flexibility that only online charter school programs can provide to PA students.

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Commitment to Career-Readiness Training

Our Career Pathways program is part of a schoolwide commitment to providing all students with 21st century skills, the ability to discover their future careers and the tools to succeed in life. This philosophy is part of the educational experience for all our cyber school students. We introduce elementary students to success skills and early career exploration.

By high school, students can explore any one of five different Career Pathways to gain knowledge, experience and skills that can be used in life after high school. Because of the flexibility of online school programs, students use Career Pathways to help discover internship possibilities in which they can participate during high school.

Gifted & Talented Programs for CCA Students

Our online charter school programs are customized for every level of learning. For students in grades 3-12 seeking more rigorous coursework, we offer an Honors program. In high school, we also offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses for an additional challenge and a College in High School program. Students in the Honors program, which incorporates project-based learning, must regularly participate in class discussion and problem-solving. The Honors and Advanced Placement programs strive to meet or exceed the standards set forth by the National Association for Gifted Learners.

English Language Development Program at CCA

CCA’s K-12 English Language Development Program offers students customized learning opportunities and celebrates the cultural diversity of students in our cyber charter school programs.

Our multifaceted program provides English learners with targeted language development instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing from PA-certified English as a Second Language Program Specialist Teachers and access to additional resources such as National Geographic’s English Language Development (ELD) curriculum.

To better communicate with families, we also provide interpreters and translations for all school-to-home communication, as well as traditional face-to-face support at our regional Family Service Centers and dedicated family mentors to support our English Learners.