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Commonwealth Charter Academy President and CEO Dr. Maurice “Reese” Flurie began a “Climate of Caring” initiative to encourage CCA students and teachers to get involved in their communities.

What does a “Climate of Caring” look like? It’s starts with community. Read a message from Dr. Flurie to learn more about CCA’s community.

A message from our president:

What I love most about CCA is our school’s strong sense of community. We serve students all across Pennsylvania, but we don’t let county lines divide us. 

Each month, CCA hosts events at our Family Service Centers across Pennsylvania to bring families together for fun, educational activities that promote socialization.

These events allow students to make face-to-face connections with peers they’ve interacted with in the classroom, and help develop a sense of community among our students and staff.

To encourage school pride, we involved our students in a contest to determine our mascot, Comet. We fully involved our students in the process so they could choose a mascot that represents their school experience and how they feel about attending school online. 

We desire to build communities within communities, so we encourage families to reach out to parents in their regions to offer support and advice. 

When families join the CCA cyber community, they’re welcomed by our family mentors, who help new parents learn the ropes of online learning. 

We know there’s much to learn when making the switch from a traditional brick-and-mortar school to a cyber school, so we’ve developed a video series — Tours with Tom — with CCA Chief Operating Officer Tom Longenecker. 

Tours with Tom is a series of virtual road trips that show our facilities, services and partners located across the state that help make our school successful.

We also encourage our students and teachers to give back to CCA and the community where they will go on to live and work after graduation. We love sharing their success stories, too!

These are a few small examples of CCA’s Climate of Caring — a cyber community like no other.

Maurice “Reese” Fluire

President and CEO

Commonwealth Charter Academy

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