Commonwealth Charter Academy's mission, vision and values

Our mission

To deliver a personalized learning experience that engages the entire family and prepares learners to succeed in school and in life.

Our vision

Transforming today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders, one learner at a time.

Our values

Serving Families – CCA is a family service organization with deep expertise in education.

Personalized Learning Approach – With a personalized family service approach, CCA learners thrive and are better prepared for success after graduation.

Flexibility – Learners can structure a curriculum that sparks a passion for knowledge and growth.

Quality – CCA’s curriculum is always evolving and growing. The latest developments and best practices in education are monitored and incorporated into lessons.

Achievement – Through CCA’s family service model, learners should enjoy success in school, land great jobs in their field of choice and give back to the communities in which they live, work and play.