How Phillips Managed Support Services Helps CCA Families

Graphic: How Phillips Managed Support Services Helps CCA Families.

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Commonwealth Charter Academy is a cyber school open to residents across the state of Pennsylvania. To support the vast technological needs of all of our learners and their families, we’ve partnered with Phillips Managed Support Services (PMSS) to provide white-glove customer service from the point of initial interest in enrollment through the delivery of CCA’s robust curriculum kits. The partnership between CCA and PMSS is critical to the success of our school and our learners.

What Is Phillips Managed Support Services?

Phillips Managed Support Services is a company that provides excellent support service to K-12 virtual schools. Beginning as a typewriter company in 1940, Phillips has a long history of dedicating itself to providing innovative solutions and high-level service to its clients. As a locally-owned PA company, Phillips managed to grow multiple businesses including Office Supplies, a Copier Division and a Furniture Company. While those divisions were divested a few years ago, they laid the ideal foundation for the services Phillips provides today for cyber schools: strong logistics capacity and know-how, the capability to leverage technology and the focus on taking care of families first every single day. 

Today, Phillips Managed Support Services manages various areas of K-12 virtual schooling, including:

How Does Phillips Support CCA Families?

PMSS supports CCA and our families throughout the entire learner experience. Since 2016, PMSS has supported families through the enrollment process and with technical support. Beginning in 2017, PMSS began sourcing and shipping curriculum materials aligned CCA’s courses and mission to create our own one-of-a-kind curriculum. The partnership between CCA and PMSS will continue to grow as we work together to deliver the best educational experience for all students.

Phillips helps families with:

How Enrollment Support Works Through Phillips

Graphic: Friendly representatives at Phillips.

Enrollment at CCA is open year-round to every Pennsylvania family with students in grades K-12. The friendly and knowledgeable representatives help families through the enrollment process, ensuring an easy transition to their new learning experience.

Soon after enrollment is complete, PMSS ships all the technology and curriculum needed right to your family’s home. Families will receive a laptop pre-loaded with all the necessary software, a second monitor, and a free printer voucher.

How Phillips Helps With Technical Support

Phillips Managed Support Services has an entire department dedicated to technical support that assesses and manages the technology CCA families use. Phillips has a call center that’s able to help families with technical issues right away. To ensure learners get the best educational experience, the team has daily meetings to discuss common issues and streamline their help desk process to provide families with the best service.

Phillips’ goal is to prevent students from needing to ship their laptop computers in for repairs, which would lead to disruptions in their education. Their system tracks common issues from their call center so they can be proactive in the technical support they provide to families.

CCA Computer and Curriculum Inventory With Phillips

It’s no secret that laptops are one of the most essential tools our learners use, and Phillips Managed Support Services helps CCA families stay online. In all, the Phillips team manages and supports over 27,000 CCA-owned laptops from throughout the state. CCA provides every family with the technology they need to succeed, and Phillips assists with this operation through its in-house warehouse, which stores almost 14,000 laptops that are ready to be sent out to new students.

As families return laptops to Phillips, either at the end of schooling or for repair, they undergo an involved process before going back out to the families:

The team at Phillips is incredibly efficient — each team member is able to test the software of six to 12 laptops at a time. Once laptops are repaired and cleared, they’re ready to go back into inventory for the next CCA family to use.

If one of our learner’s laptops breaks or stops working, Phillips can provide the necessary services to help them get back online and back in class quickly. For most of Pennsylvania, families can get a replacement laptop in as little as one day. Having a dedicated team of technical support professionals is one way CCA is able to provide superb virtual schooling to learners.

PMSS also helps us with procuring and distributing curriculum supplies. Many lessons in CCA courses involve materials, like a bucket of shapes for learning geometry, a printed workbook for English assignments, or art supplies for the students’ next masterpiece.

PMSS helps source materials, store them, and send them to families when it’s time for hands-on learning. These supplies are part of Phillips’ commitment to ensuring that every CCA student has access to the tools they need to learn effectively.

Learn More About Cyber School With CCA

Technology opens so many doors for learners, allowing them to learn practically anywhere. CCA lets students take their education wherever they go, providing flexibility and a personalized curriculum. In addition to the support CCA provides for all families, our partnership with Phillips Managed Support Services helps provide a friendly and personal enrollment experience and timely delivery of laptops and curriculum. In addition, it ensures all equipment for school is working properly, and you get speedy replacements and technical support.

A cyber school like CCA helps students gain confidence with technology to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life. With CCA’s student-centered approach to learning, they’re able to make decisions and craft each school day to meet their individual needs and interests.

To learn more about CCA and our virtual education programs, contact us today!

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