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Many learners and families say they form a strong, personalized relationship with their CCA teachers.

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There’s no more exciting place for educators to work in Pennsylvania than Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a K-12 public cyber charter school. Our students receive a customized education while learning at their own pace and on their own schedule. Our state-certified teachers go the extra mile to work one on one with our students and their families while working with the latest curriculum and best practices in cyber education.

Although students attend class virtually, usually from their homes, our cyber school teachers don’t work from home. They do their teaching from our Family Service Centers located throughout the state, with the latest in technology to bring learning alive for their students.

Benefits of CCA Teachers & Staff

Many students and families say they form a strong, personal relationship with their CCA school teachers.

CCA teachers have a servant’s heart and focus on what matters for each family. This fundamental core belief leads to a very high parent satisfaction rate. Our cyber school teachers are motivated by the chance to work with a diverse group of students and want to help prepare them for success. All CCA teachers are experts in their field and/or state-certified. Our faculty also participate in extensive special training in virtual teaching.

Online school teachers take the time to get to know the skills, interests and learning styles of each child. This helps learners excel in areas of strength and grow academically where they need assistance.

CCA makes it easy for families to reach their teachers – by phone, virtually or in person – for the personalized support in areas where learners need assistance.

Personalized Learning

CCA teachers use a personalized approach to learning by developing courses and electives to match a student’s skills, interests and desires.

The educational experience is enhanced when students take courses and electives that help them determine a path they want to pursue after graduation.

Through a customized learning program and the CCAWorks® initiative, our cyber school teachers work with learners to help them achieve their maximum potential. Students will leave CCA prepared for wherever life leads them after graduation – whether it’s college, a technical school, military service or straight into the workforce.

Our charter school teachers work with your family to deliver a personalized curriculum designed around what your child wants to learn. Whatever your child wants to learn, CCA will find a way to integrate it.

This is just one example of CCA’s customized learning approach. CCA’s online school teachers and school counselors evaluate students’ areas of strength and needs. Families and teachers work together to create opportunities to fulfill the needs of the child.

Counseling and Career Prep

CCA’s team of licensed school counselors is dedicated to learners’ success in school and in life.

The CCA school counseling department is focused on enhancing relationships so students and their families feel comfortable contacting their counselors at any time.

CCA’s full-time, certified school counselors also are focused on helping students achieve success. They assist students with academic goal setting, scheduling courses, personal and social development, and career and college planning.

Personal, social and academic issues can affect a student’s success. CCA’s school counselors have received advanced degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology to help students address issues as they arise.

Preparing Learners for College, Careers and Beyond

Students will leave CCA with a strong academic background coupled with the skills to lead productive lives.

Career-Readiness services through CCAWorks are designed to prepare high school students for life after CCA with:

Hear From Our Teachers

Our online school teachers at CCA love working with your children and following their success through the years. But we’d rather let you hear directly from them.

Our Staff

Students attending CCA not only get the benefits of a college- and career-ready education on a flexible schedule, but they get to learn from some of the most well-qualified, well-educated and motivated cyber school teachers in Pennsylvania.

Our Expertise and Specialties

Like their counterparts in traditional brick-and-mortar public schools, teachers at CCA are certified by the state. Our elementary, middle school and high school teachers also are recognized as highly qualified teachers, meaning they hold, at the minimum, a bachelor’s degree, as well as a teaching license from Pennsylvania, and they have demonstrated competence in the subject areas in which they teach.

CCA not only offers a core curriculum focused on math, science, English/language arts and social studies, but we also offer Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, instruction in multiple world languages, a full slate of math, science and technology courses, career-focused courses, a robust English Language Development program and customized learning programs and support services for special education students. It takes a large, energetic, highly skilled crew of cyber school teachers to provide these customized learning experiences in every class to every one of our more than 20,000 students.

CCA teachers direct their classrooms and run their lessons from CCA’s Family Service Centers in regions all across Pennsylvania. While our charter school teachers operate their virtual classrooms from those locations, they and our counseling staff also can meet with students and their families at the centers whenever the need arises.

Benefits of Working as a Cyber School Teacher

Being a cyber charter school teacher is an adventure every day. CCA is always interested in talented, PA state-certified teachers who want to provide students a virtual education in our public cyber school.

If you want to help create tomorrow’s leaders today, you should consider joining the CCA team as an online school teacher.

CCA is a fully accredited public cyber charter school that serves families with children in grades K-12. Our cyber school teachers work together with family members to tailor a curriculum centered around students’ unique needs and interests to help them succeed in school and life.

A distinct benefit you will enjoy as a cyber school teacher is that you are encouraged not only to employ the latest best practices in education but to truly connect with each student and work with them in the style that best suits their learning needs.

You won’t come to work each day in a traditional classroom, but contrary to popular myth, as an online school teacher, you won’t always work from home. On designated days and weeks, you will teach your online courses from the many Family Service Centers CCA operates across the state. That’s where our cyber school teachers also meet with students and their families in person when needed.

Join Our Cyber School Community

It takes a special educator to connect virtually with students from distinctly diverse backgrounds and educational experiences, work with them to customize their education and engage them and their families in pursuing educational success. We encourage Pennsylvania-certified teachers to apply to join the CCA team as a cyber school teacher today.

All qualified applicants shall receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation.