Programs for EL Cyber School Students

Commonwealth Charter Academy’s English Language Development Program offers students a first-class curriculum and customized learning opportunities, and it celebrates the cultural diversity of our students.

CCA student working on homework on a computer

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CCA’s robust program for English learners celebrates cultural diversity while combining a quality education with socialization opportunities through numerous school field trips and events.

As an online school, CCA can provide English language learners with services that extend far beyond traditional English lessons and fully support and integrate English learners into the CCA family.

A childhood education in a cyber school like CCA offers English learners a double benefit: They can learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home, and they can enjoy socializing with students from across the state. It can be stressful for EL students to navigate learning a new language and new customs while trying to interact with classmates all at the same time. But online ESL courses at our cyber school allow students to progress at their own pace, set a schedule that works for the whole family and build diverse friendships with students across the entire state, not just classmates in a traditional brick-and-mortar school building.

What We Provide for English Language Learners

CCA’s robust English Language Development program celebrates our English learners’ diversity while providing customized learning and socialization to welcome everyone into the CCA family.

CCA provides: