Family mentor program for cyber school families

Family mentors are veteran CCA parents who help all newly enrolled and emerging families adjust to online learning.

Because Commonwealth Charter Academy is rooted in family service, we have implemented a family mentor program to help all newly enrolled and struggling families adjust to online learning.

CCA’s family mentors understand that online education is a community effort. Because they have been through the process, our family mentors know what questions new families will have about cyber school. They offer yearlong, non-academic support, providing guidance and tips to help families meet the unique needs of their newly enrolled students.

CCA’s model provides families with all the resources needed to maximize the educational opportunities available for their children. Read this blog post to learn the top 10 questions family mentors receive from new parents.

Family support available

Family mentors provide assistance to new families in a variety of ways:

Contact a CCA parent to hear about their experience, or enroll today!