Cyber School Family Mentor Program

Family mentors are veteran CCA parents who help all newly enrolled and emerging families adjust to online learning.

Cyber School Family Mentor Program

Because Commonwealth Charter Academy is rooted in family service, we have implemented a family mentor program to help all newly enrolled and struggling families adjust to online learning. Family mentors are veteran CCA parents who assist all newly enrolled and emerging families.

CCA’s family mentors understand that online education is a community effort. Because they have been through the process, our family mentors know what questions new families will have about cyber school. They offer yearlong, non-academic support, providing guidance and tips to help families meet the unique needs of their newly enrolled students.

CCA’s model provides families with all the resources needed to maximize the educational opportunities available for their children. Read this blog post to learn the top 10 questions family mentors receive from new parents.

What Does a Family Mentor Do?

A family mentor is a parent mentor who plays an integral role in CCA’s unique support system. They are there to assist families throughout their academic journey with CCA, specifically in their first year with us. Family mentors are available year-round to help new families settle into online education, get into a rhythm, and help students achieve their potential.

Family mentors are seasoned learning coaches who aim to provide support in the following areas:

What Does a Family Mentor Do?

The most important thing to remember is that no parent is alone. Our family mentors are a big part of the CCA family services department, dedicated to helping families make a smooth transition to cyber schooling. Family mentors were once new parents themselves, making them ideally positioned to support and guide recent enrollees.

Family Mentors for CCA Parents

In addition to providing consistent support to new parents, CCA family mentors take a proactive role in integrating new parents into the community and creating a sense of camaraderie among learning coaches, and sharing tips on managing students’ academic journeys. Family mentors provide assistance to new families in a variety of ways:

Our family mentors are veteran CCA parents. They’ve been through the system with their children, and know how to address many common cyber schooling challenges. The family mentor system is unique to CCA, helping parents serve as effective learning coaches and take an active role in their children’s success.

CCA Family Mentor Testimonials

The Ferguson family was looking for a school that allowed them to balance the children’s education with family togetherness, but mom, Jen, was hesitant about taking sole responsibility for teaching all her children. CCA was the ideal choice, and this once-new parent found her family thriving within CCA’s robust support system.

Now, the Ferguson family has been with CCA for eight years, and Jen serves as a family mentor herself, helping new families make the adjustment to cyber school and being available to offer guidance whenever she can, drawing from her own experiences. New families receive a letter with the name of the family mentor closest to them, who is always happy to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Reach Out to a CCA Family Mentor Today

Choosing cyber school is a big decision, and many parents feel apprehensive at the thought of managing their children’s education. At CCA, we believe that parents need a foundation of support to, in turn, provide support to their child. That is one of the many reasons we created the family mentorship program to address the needs of the cyber school community. When you enroll with CCA, we will match you with an existing parent to help you navigate the changes as you transition to a new environment.

With the right support, many families can benefit from online learning, allowing students to progress at their own pace and fit academics and socialization into a fulfilling lifestyle. CCA helps parents make the right choice for their unique needs and circumstances — confident in the knowledge you’ll be supported every step of the way. Contact a CCA parent to learn more about the benefits and process of enrolling in cyber school, or enroll and start your new journey today.

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