Preparing CCA Students for Graduation

At CCA, we believe graduation is only the beginning.

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CCA provides in-depth support to ensure students, and parents, understand charter school graduation requirements and are prepared for life beyond high school – whether they choose to attend college or technical school, enter the military or go directly into the workforce.

CCA ensures graduating seniors are prepared for the transition from high school to becoming productive community members. CCA’s certified school counselors work with each student to plan for life after graduation.

PA High School Graduation Requirements

Although the state of Pennsylvania establishes academic standards for public schools as a road map for their curriculum, it does not dictate the curriculum, textbooks, teaching methods, material or instruction used in the classroom. Those decisions are made by local school officials.

As far as PA graduation requirements, until recently, the state required most students to pass the Keystone Exams – end-of-course exams in Algebra I, Literature and Biology – to graduate. A new law signed in 2018 and effective in the 2021-22 school year moves away from reliance on testing to earn a school diploma and establishes new requirements for high school graduation. It creates four options that students who are not proficient on the three Keystone Exams may use to meet requirements to graduate.

These four options are relevant to students’ individual career goals and reflect the coursework, grades, activities, and achievements earned. In addition to Keystone Exams, alternative tests and other factors can be counted toward graduation. The new performance-based system allows schools and teachers to obtain a more complete picture of a student’s knowledge, skills, and talents as a basis for awarding a school diploma, instead of basing it solely on standardized test scores.

Act 158 of 2018 created various pathways for students to satisfy Pennsylvania’s graduation requirements. In addition, Act 136 of 2020 delayed the Keystone Exams as a state graduation requirement until the 2022-23 school year.

CCA Graduation Requirements

As an accredited public school in Pennsylvania, CCA is required to administer the Pennsylvania System of School Assessments (PSSA) to students in grades 3 to 8 and the Keystone Exams upon completion of Algebra I, Biology and English Literature. CCA complies with state testing requirements and ensures our students meet Pennsylvania high school graduation requirements.

The state’s move away from requiring specific successes on standardized tests is actually much more in line with the customized learning experience long provided to students at CCA. In fact, some of our graduation requirements are more comprehensive and practical than the state’s – for instance, we require students to complete courses that prepare them to handle personal finances and to be job- or college-ready.

CCA high school students must earn a minimum of 21 credits to meet our graduation requirements. Students also will complete a graduation project (consisting of passing a Career/College Planning 12 and a Personal Finance course), and meet state testing requirements. A typical course load is six classes per semester.

CCA high school students must obtain the following course credits to graduate:

Additional credits of electives are required, and these courses allow students to explore their areas of interest.

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Electives Offered for Cyber Students at CCA

In addition to core courses every student must take to meet our school graduation requirements, CCA offers a vast array of electives beginning in elementary school designed to build new skills, spark new interests and deepen student knowledge. Elective courses are offered as yearlong, semester- or quarter-based options.

In addition to being able to choose from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish for world language options available at all grade levels, starting in middle school, students can enroll in electives such as journalism, photography, and digital art and design.

As they pursue their school diploma, CCA high school students can explore multiple disciplines while building career- and college-ready skills with our long list of electives. Latin is added to the list of world languages offered in high school. While we expand our elective offerings by partnering with other educational institutions, we offer a robust selection of CCA-designed electives, grouped below by subject area.

English Course Electives Offered at CCA

Science Course Electives Offered at CCA

Social Studies Course Electives at CCA

Business Courses Offered at CCA

Physical Education and Health Courses at CCA

Arts and Humanities Courses Offered at CCA

Family and Consumer Science Courses Offered at CCA

CCA course offerings are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students. Please see our course catalog to view our full list of course offerings.

CCA Helps You Prepare for Life After Graduation

CCA partners with students and their families from day one to design a customized education that complements and enhances a student’s interests and skills and is adaptable to meet their changing educational needs. At CCA, we know that education must do more than just prepare a student for graduation.

CCA prepares our students for success in our online classrooms and beyond, whether they continue their education at college or a technical school, begin their careers right away or enter the military.

Our support services ensure not just that students meet our graduation requirements but that they have received a quality educational experience loaded with hands-on opportunities and college- and career-ready skills. Our school counselors focus early on building strong relationships with students and their families so they feel comfortable contacting their counselors at any time.

The school counselors also provide general support and guidance through peer support groups, student growth and support groups, and individual meetings with students. Our full-time certified counselors focus on student success. They help with:

We know high school is a time for growth, discovery and emerging independence but that personal, social and academic struggles can pose obstacles. CCA’s school counselors have advanced degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology to help students address issues as they arise.

CCA Puts Cyber School Students on Path to Success

A CCA cyber school education does more than ensure you meet PA high school graduation requirements. It gives you the knowledge and skills to succeed on any path you choose. Contact us for more information on how to enroll today!