CCA Provides Online Public School Option for Johnstown Families

If your neighborhood school isn’t the right fit for your child, you have another public school option with Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a public cyber charter school in Johnstown, PA.

CCA is a tuition-free public cyber school in Johnstown offering students a customized education from the safety of their homes.

A teacher helping students on the computer.

CCA Is a Fully Accredited PA Public School

CCA is a K-12 public cyber charter school accredited by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

This accreditation recognizes that CCA is providing thousands of students a quality education that can be reciprocated with other schools, and it validates the value of CCA’s education to other accredited institutions. The accreditation recognizes that, while CCA delivers education in a nontraditional model as a cyber school in Johnstown, it adheres to accreditation standards and is committed to continuous improvement in student learning.

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar schools that teach the same thing at the same time to every student in a classroom, CCA’s educational model ensures that students can learn at their own pace through online real-time lessons, recorded lessons, field trips, independent study and hands-on, career-readiness opportunities. This flexibility allows CCA to work with students and families to customize an accredited curriculum to best suit their needs.

Tuition-Free Online Learning for Johnstown Families

Our cyber charter school in Johnstown, PA, is authorized and overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. State law requires cyber charter schools to be operated as nonprofit entities. CCA is independently run but funded with public money from the school districts in which our students live. What does that mean for parents? You can choose to attend our tuition-free public school that puts your family first and offers a customized online education for students in Johnstown and across Pennsylvania.

CCA partners with the entire family to develop a customized plan to help your child succeed at our cyber school in Johnstown. Each family helps us determine a student’s interests, skills and educational needs, and we customize a suitable learning plan. If your child is advanced in one subject area but needs additional support in another, CCA teachers stand ready to provide extra attention and advanced instruction.

Upon their enrollment, we provide students with everything they need to get started – free use of laptop and printer, plus all course materials. CCA even offers an instructional support subsidy to help families with the cost of internet service. For qualified community classes, CCA can reimburse up to $250 per child per school year.

We Accept All Students in Grades K-12

As a public cyber charter school in Johnstown, CCA accepts all students from kindergarten through 12th grade who are Pennsylvania residents.

Our comprehensive online school offers real-time virtual classroom lessons, recorded lessons, workbook projects, field trips and other learning opportunities. Students learn at their own pace, when it’s convenient for the family.

CCA’s elementary school curriculum for grades K-5 is largely in print and supplemented by virtual content. It includes math, science, English language arts, social studies and multiple foreign languages.

Middle school students in grades 6-8 have subject-specific teachers and more virtual classes. In addition to the core curriculum, honors courses, electives and foreign languages are available.

CCA’s high school serves students in grades 9-12, guiding them into a successful future whether it involves college, technical school, the military or the workforce. In addition to core courses, there are multiple business, career and technology electives, career exploration opportunities, internships and AP, honors and college courses.


A sample schedule for students at our Johnstown cyber school might be:

Elementary School
Morning: English coursework
Midmorning: Playtime
Afternoon: French live lesson
Midafternoon: Computer club
Early evening: Reading
Evening: Math practice

Middle School
Morning: History coursework
Midmorning: Visit Johnstown Flood Museum
Afternoon: Virtual math class
Midafternoon: Virtual journalism lesson
Early evening: Girl Scouts
After dinner: Science coursework

High School
Morning: Orthodontist
Midmorning: AP calculus
Afternoon: Dance lessons
Midafternoon: Web design at TechWorks
Early evening: English coursework
After dinner: Babysitting

Enrolling in a Cyber Charter School in Johnstown, PA

Enrolling at our cyber charter school in Johnstown is quick and easy. With one form, you just need to provide your email address and name and we send you a secure enrollment link.

Completing CCA’s enrollment application takes about 15 minutes, and you can save and close the application at any time. After you submit the form, a member of our friendly CCA enrollment team will work with you to provide us the required documents. Once the documents have been secured, we will schedule you for a Great Start Orientation Session, which gives new CCA families a comprehensive overview of parent, student and staff responsibilities.

Learn More About CCA Enrollment

CCA invites you to learn more about the benefits of our tuition-free public cyber charter school in Johnstown. Our K-12 program offers a flexible, customized, online education centered around your family. Take the first step to your child’s success and learn how your child can attend cyber school in Johnstown.

Our Family Service Center in Johnstown Region

Johnstown Family Service Center
647 Main Street, Suite 201
Johnstown, PA 15901
Phone: 814-619-4761
Fax: 814-961-2469
Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.