CCA Provides Online Charter School Options for Malvern Families

Graphic: Online charter school for Malvern familiesCyber charter schools are becoming increasingly popular. Online charter schools provide parents and students with more flexibility and a more individualized form of education. If you live in the Malvern, Pennsylvania area and think that a cyber charter school would be the best fit for your student, enroll them at Commonwealth Charter Academy.

CCA has become a leading cyber charter school in Pennsylvania, using personalized learning and the highest quality curriculum to help students achieve more. CCA strives to prepare learners for success in the classroom and in their lives after school. Let’s talk about enrolling in the best Malvern charter school and the many benefits of CCA. 

We’re a PA Public School With Full Accreditation

CCA is a public school fully accredited by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Attaining the accreditation means that CCA is held to high standards. To receive the MSA accreditation, we demonstrated proficiency in many areas, including the following: 

Learn more about the MSA accreditation standards and how CCA meets and exceeds these standards to offer one of the best Malvern charter schools and online learning experiences. 

Cyber Charter Schooling for Malvern Students at No Cost for Families

CCA delivers an excellent cyber schooling experience for Malvern students. Because we are a public charter school, we can provide learners with quality education at no cost to families. 

Traditional charter schools are independent public schools that operate from a charter issued by the local public school(s) in theri area. Students enrolled in traditional charter schools must take their courses in physical spaces with the jurisdiction of the local school district. Cyber charter schools are much different. As the name suggests, education is delivered online in a cyber charter school. Another key difference is that cyber charter schools operate under a charter from the Department of Education, not a local school board. 

Cyber charter schools like CCA also have the same funding formula as brick-and-mortar charter schools. Cyber charters receive the majority of funding through local taxes. By law, charter schools and cyber charters must operate as non-profit organizations. Although CCA is a charter school exempt from some educational mandates, we must meet academic standards set by state and federal laws.

The Benefits of an Online K-12 Education at CCA

Graphic: benefits of an online K-12 education at CCA

Here are just a few of the many benefits of cyber schooling through CCA:

Diverse Academic Programs and Student Life

Another one of the many benefits of cyber schooling with CCA is the diverse academic programs and student life. Once a student decides they want to join one of the clubs or programs we offer, parents or guardians can sign off on the student’s participation and let the exploration begin. Here are some of the many programs and clubs offered to learners at CCA:

How to Enroll at CCA From Malvern, Pennsylvania

The process to enroll at CCA from Malvern, Pennsylvania, is easy. To enroll at CCA, you must first complete an application. As you apply, enter your name, email address, and the academic year for which you wish to register. From there, a member of our enrollment team will contact you to collect the required documents and guide you through the simple process. 

For additional information, join CCA for an in-person or virtual information session. If you have more questions about enrollment, check out our enrollment FAQs page or request further information from an enrollment specialist.

Learn More About a Malvern Cyber Charter School That Works for Families

Commonwealth Charter Academy is the premier option for a cyber charter school in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Backed by accreditation from the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, CCA will provide your student with an incredible educational experience. For more information about how a K-12 cyber charter school can guide your student’s success, request more information about CCA and our unique learning experience.

Graphic: a Malvern cyber charter school that works for families