College and Career Prep Clubs

Middle School Career Club

Middle school learners can explore possible career fields and learn useful skills for success like how to make a budget and manage time. The club also gives learners an overview of high school to help prepare them for academic success.

High School Career Club

In this club, high school learners study possible careers and learn about skills for success in high school and as future job holders. They will learn how to build a resume, find and apply for jobs and internships, and develop interview strategies and techniques. Participants involved in this club become better prepared for pursuing a career and continuing their educational interests.

College Planning Club

High school learners who are interested in college will learn how to research potential colleges and majors, discover how the college admissions and financial aid process works, and complete applications. Participants can receive feedback as they develop materials to present to college admissions’ offices.

First-Generation Student Club

This club is designed for high school learners who want to be the first family member to graduate from college. Members complete interest inventories and learn how to research schools based on their interests. They will learn about the college application and admission process, financial aid and scholarships, and how to complete applications. The club hosts guest speakers who also address resources available just for first-generation learners. The club provides support and discussion as members work their way through the process.

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