Literary Clubs

Book Club

Learners in all grades can meet monthly to discuss books they have chosen to read as a group. A club facilitator helps moderate the sessions in live meetings and online forums.

Brainteasers Club

The name says it all. Club members tackle various logic problems, Sudoku puzzles and other brain teasers and have the chance to create their own. The Brainteasers Club is open to learners in all grades.

Debate Club

In this club, members develop the ability to reason and analyze as they consider weekly topics to debate. Debate Club learners develop public speaking and critical thinking skills and learn how to work in groups as they collaborate with their peers. Facilitators help members develop statements and arguments, learn debate rules and consider current events. The club is open to learners in grades 6–12.

Digital Storytelling Club

Learners in all grades can join the Digital Storytelling Club where club members use various computer programs to weave pictures and audio into their original stories and share them with their peers.

Pen Pals Club

Another way learners can make new friends is to join the Pen Pals Club. Learners in all grades can improve their writing and penmanship while corresponding with other CCA students.

Student Literary Magazine

Pens and Lens

Writers and photographers in all grades can have their original work published in this monthly Web-based literary magazine.

Poetry Corner

Learners in grades 6-12 are exposed to advanced poetic forms and develop the ability to write their own poetry, which is shared with their peers in online forums.

Quiz Bowl Club

Learners in all grades can participate in the Quiz Bowl Club. In weekly competitions, trivia questions are presented by school level (elementary, middle and high school).

Student Newspaper – The Monitor

Learners research, write and edit stories for the monthly newspaper. The learner-managed, learner-staffed publication is open to grades 6-12.

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