Science & Technology Clubs

Gaming and Technology Club

Gamers and tech-oriented learners in grades 6-12 can join the Gaming and Technology Club to learn about jobs in the industry, create and share original work.

Robotics Club

No experience required! Learners tackle the world of robotics in this club where they learn what robots are and how they are used. Robotics experts chime in and learners eventually work as a group to make a robot successfully complete a task. Learners in all grades can join the Robotics Club.

Science Club

Club members in grades 6-12 gain hands-on experience conducting science experiments and learning how science impacts them and their towns. Members also learn the details of putting together a science fair presentation, so they can enter a fair or share their project with club members.

Science in the Kitchen Club

Members of this club use their own kitchens as a laboratory for experiments, covering everything from density to pressure. Members later discuss their findings online. The club is open to learners in grades K–8.


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