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This section of The Comet, CCA's student-created school newspaper, features new recipes, cooking techniques and a feature-this month in history.

Spring 2021 Articles

Middle School

This Month in History

Bethany L.

Spring Peep House

By Gigi U.

Holiday Spotlight! 5 April Holidays

By Gigi U.

Get Organized With Me!

By Jaylyn R.

What if CCA Had a Social Media Platform? – An Op-Ed

By Racheal L.

High School

An Easy-Peasy Guide to Making Delicious Bagels

By Natalie C.

7 Animals That Need to be Spoken About

By Juliana L.

Save the North Atlantic Right Whales

By Natalie C.

The Rich History Behind the Phrase “Turtles All the Way Down”

By Natalie C.