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What if CCA Had a Social Media Platform? – An Op-Ed

By Racheal L.


What if CCA had a social media platform? It could be similar to Facebook, but only to be used by CCA’s middle school and high school students. They could share pictures and even chat. There could be a filter so there is no foul language or anything of that sort.

Did you know that Facebook was started exclusively for college students? Later, it expanded to be used by people around the world. It could be a fun thing to do in our free-time and a great way to meet other CCA students! I know I would enjoy a social media platform! There could even be fun filters to take pictures and videos!

There could be a team of students who go through posts and report inappropriate content. The other students on the team could vote on whether or not a post should be removed. The team could be made up of students with good behavior, staff recommendations, or a track record of not being reported on the platform. During the first year maybe some teachers could make up the team or oversee it. This way it is clean and safe for everyone!

Some of the clubs could help design and advertise it. New students could even ask returning students questions. I think that a lot of students could benefit from a CCA social media platform!




May 12th, 2021


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