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Get Organized With Me!

By Jaylyn R.

Are you an organized person? If not, that’s ok! Organizing is about making your life easier, cleaner, and happier. When you stay organized, you use less time “tidying up” or finding something. You can spend this extra time on yourself, or doing something else productive. So, come on, let’s get organized!


If you store you clothing in drawers, you know it can get really messy, really fast. This makes it harder to get ready in the morning, or find that one shirt you really wanted to wear. I use a way of folding my clothing so that I can see everything in my drawers at once, without having to scavenge through things. We can start with shirts, that are always very hard to deal with in drawers. To start our folding method, you are going to lay your short-sleeved shirt on a flat surface. Then take the sleeves, and fold them so that they touch, so the whole shirt is folded almost like a hotdog. Now lay your folded in half shirt down onto your surface and take your two sleeves that are on top of each other and fold them in to lie on top of the base part of the shirt. You should have a rectangular piece of clothing now that is partially folded. Then we should take the piece of clothing (this is the section with the sleeves on top of it) and fold it over to lay on top of the middle portion. Finally, take the top and middle portion of the shirt, that are folded on top of each other, and bring those over to sit on top of the bottom portion. You should have a square piece of clothing that can be placed standing upward against a side of drawer; ready for others to be placed next to it. You can use the same method for skirts, long- sleeve shirts, and dresses. For pants, you can also use the same method, just eliminate the part about the sleeves. As for shorts and skirts, also do the same thing just eliminate sleeves and only fold it over once, there you go! Now, another thing I struggle with keeping organized is my shoes. I find that stacking them can work great if you don’t have a spot to keep them separately.

Storage & Tips

Storage is something that can seem easy, but it can actually be very hard! But, I have a few tips that might help you. The first one is to use clear containers. Using clear containers can motivate you to keep them clean. If you are going to use containers that are not clear, make sure you know exactly what is in them, and that they are in an accessible place. This is so you don’t end up just throwing stuff in it. Tip number two is to consider everything you use frequently so you can put it in the most accessible spot possible. For example, if there is a blanket you use every day, but you have a lot of blankets, put your favorite on top of a folded pile. The final storage tip is to store winter/summer clothing neatly. Do you ever feel super crowed by the stuff you aren’t wearing this time of year. The obvious choice is to put some clothing in storage. Many people just throw their clothing in a bag, but that can get messy, so instead, try putting them in a large, clear, storage bin. Make sure to fold the clothing, so it will be very easy to unpack when the appropriate season comes around. Now, here are some folding tips. When you are putting your shirt on the surface, lay it front down so you can see the design on it when we are done folding. This will allow you to look in your drawer, and just pick out a shirt, instead of having to unfold it and look at it.

Making it Look Good

Now, we have how to make things look good. One great way to do this is to organize things in rainbow order. You can do this with books, or even in your closet. Another thing you can do to make your closet look better is to use all the same colored hangers. Although this doesn’t seem important, it can really add a nice touch to any bedroom. If you aren’t a rainbow person, you can organize by size, this way things look a lot neater and less cluttered.

I hope you can put these tips to use and make your life a little easier! If you want even more tips for organizing, check out the show “Get Organized with the Home Edit” on Netflix. That is where I got some of my information. Have fun organizing!




May 12th, 2021


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