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This Month in History

By Bethany L.

This Month in History: George Washington Carver

Did you have fun learning more about George Washington? Let’s blast forward 65 years to another George Washington. His name is George Washington Carver. He went a little bit nuts with peanuts 😊.

George Washington Carver was born in 1864; the date of his birth is unknown. Sadly, George was born into slavery. When he was only a week old, he, his mother, and his sister were kidnapped by night raiders from Arkansas. Moses Carver the person who had bought his parents hired somebody to go find them but only George was found. Moses Carver and his wife Susan Carter raised George and his brother James as their own children. They taught George to read and write and encouraged him to continue learning. When George was older he attended lots of schools before earning his diploma at Minneapolis High School in Minneapolis Kansas. In 1894 he received a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture science in the Highland University in Highland Kansas. And then two years later he got his masters. In 1896 he was invited to teach agriculture science at Tuskegee collage he taught there for 47 years. George Washington Carver is famous for his system called Crop Rotation which alternated planting cotton sweet potatoes and soybeans, peanuts, or cowpeas. This made the soil richer and not waste away as quickly as it usually did. Peanuts were one of George’s favorite crop because they had amazing nitrogen in them which helped with improving the soil. George also experimented a lot with them he made more then 300 inventions with peanuts! Some of them may even be in your house (the inventions not the peanuts:). George used peanuts to invent Wall boards, Skin lotion, flour, and even insulation. He made many more discoveries, including discoveries of medicine. George Washington Carver died when he was 79 years old. Carver will always be known for developing over 300 uses for peanuts! (fun fact: George Washington Carver didn’t make peanut butter.)

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May 12th, 2021


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