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Career Quizzes for High Schoolers: Everything You’ll Need for Success

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    Career Quizzes for High Schoolers: Everything You’ll Need for Success

    Graphic: How to choose a career after high school.

    Though many students choose their classes based on their interests, they might not pursue those subjects in the future or secure a related job, leading to difficulty choosing an enjoyable and fulfilling career path. According to a recent study, 51% of students are uncertain about their career paths when they enroll in college. 

    If you or your child aren’t sure how to choose a career after high school, a career quiz for high school students can aid in the process. These assessments evaluate a student’s interests and attributes, such as personal values, traits, and motivations, to help them discover a suitable career path. 

    What Is an Aptitude Test?

    Aptitude tests measure an individual’s performance across various mental capabilities and specialized skills that forecast scholastic achievement in educational programs. These tests determine a student’s proficiencies and what they bring to specific tasks, regardless of prior education.

    Other benefits of assessing a high schooler’s career aptitude through aptitude tests include:

    • Predicting academic success.
    • Creating profiles of strengths and weaknesses.
    • Comparing performance with other students.
    • Uncovering hidden talents.
    • Revealing educational opportunities.

    After discovering these insights, high school students can more easily devise a career path based on their natural skills and talents.

    Dimensions of Career Fit

    A career path quiz for high school students can also determine career fit. Through these assessments, students will consider various factors that may impact what jobs are the best match for them.

    Here are some of the many dimensions that go into determining career fit.

    • Skills: It’s a good rule of thumb to pursue a career where students can make an impact using their experience, knowledge, and abilities. They will be most likely to succeed in a job that allows them to use their natural aptitudes.
    • Interests: It’s vital for students to consider their passions and interests and determine whether their career choice reflects them. What work activities do they find enjoyable? What jobs pique their interest?
    • Personality: A student’s personality type will influence how they like to work and what kind of work they enjoy doing, such as working alone versus with people, using an organized or spontaneous approach, and working with facts or creative ideas.
    • Industry: The industry students choose often determines whether they will work in a large firm or a small company.
    • Motivation: Students must think about what motivates them when choosing a career. What’s their inner purpose? What brings them a sense of personal satisfaction? What legacy do they want to leave behind?
    • Location: Not every career path is possible in any city. That means students may not be able to pursue some careers if they’re looking to stay in their hometown.

    Graphic: Studies have found

    How Your Personality Plays Into Your Career

    Your values and personality type play a considerable role in the career choice process. Values are what you use to guide your actions. These principles often serve as a moral compass in decision-making and behavior and can help individuals prioritize aspects of their careers. For example, if you value autonomy and helping others, you might enjoy being a physical therapist.

    Personality refers to characteristic patterns in a person’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Studies have found significant relationships between personality types and career choices, indicating a correlation between the concepts. For example, someone who’s extroverted and enterprising is more likely to end up as an entrepreneur than an architect.

    Career Quizzes That Can Help You Find a Career Path

    If you’re looking to begin the search to discover your future career, you can take numerous career path quizzes to gain insights into your aptitude, personality type, and more.

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a test that assigns individuals one of 16 different personality types. Its goal is to help users understand their strengths, weaknesses, career preferences, likes, dislikes, and compatibility with others.

    This career quiz for high schoolers assesses four different characteristics:


    • Introversion vs. extroversion
    • Sensing vs. intuition
    • Thinking vs. feeling
    • Judging vs. perceiving

    Holland Code Career Aptitude Test

    The Holland Code Career Aptitude Test is an assessment based on John Holland’s theory of personality types and careers, which concludes that people work best in career environments that suit their preferences. This test classifies jobs by categories, work personality environments, and interest clusters to determine a respondent’s work personality, or Holland Code.

    There are six different Holland Codes:

    • Realistic
    • Investigative
    • Artistic
    • Social
    • Enterprising
    • Conventional

    Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential

    The Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential test is a 71-question assessment that focuses on your motivations in various categories to guide you in your career path. The MAPP measures a respondent’s:

    • Temperament
    • Aptitude
    • Interest
    • Mathematical ability
    • Personal traits
    • Reasoning and thinking style
    • Learning style
    • Personal style
    • Language levels
    • Orientation to people
    • Interpersonal and social tendencies
    • Affinity for objects and things
    • Approach to information and data

    O*NET Interest Profiler

    The O*NET Interest Profiler is a vocational self-assessment for career exploration that helps people discover which occupations or types of work that they might like or find exciting. Users can identify and learn career areas that are relevant to their interests and personalities to explore a broader range of jobs.

    During the test, students will get an accurate profile of their occupational interests that helps them narrow their focus during career search activities and identify work-related interests they may not have discovered yet. 

    This vocational assessment measures six types of respondent’s interests:

    • Realistic
    • Investigative
    • Artistic
    • Social
    • Enterprising
    • Conventional

    After the Career Quizzes

    Once you’ve discovered a career you’re interested in, you can continue your job journey in the following ways.

    • Discover colleges: You can explore different colleges to find one with courses, programs, and resources to further your career path. 
    • Look at classes: Research which courses will be most beneficial for your career path and start scheduling.
    • Visit career days: Many schools and organizations arrange career days where students can browse booths and speak to companies to get professional advice about their desired careers.
    • Find internships: Internships are excellent for giving students firsthand experience in their chosen field, helping them gain new skills, network, and build their resumes.
    • Research jobs: See if you can find any open positions in your desired career field and determine if you have the qualifications to apply.

    How CCA Prepares Students for Careers

    At Commonwealth Charter Academy, we prepare students for their future careers, providing them with the programs, resources, and assistance they need to get ahead. When you enroll in CCA, you’ll gain access to the following assets.

    Graphic: Find your ideal career path.

    Find Your Ideal Career Path at CCA

    You can discover your perfect career match by enrolling in CCA. Our public cyber charter school aims to give learners the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow.

    Contact us to learn more about CCA today!


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