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How Cyber School Creates a Flexible Learning Environment

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    How Cyber School Creates a Flexible Learning Environment

    Graphic: How cyber school creates a flexible learning environment.

    Before flexible learning, students sat in a classroom for a predetermined amount of time and listened to a lesson designed for a broad audience. They were unable to adjust their rigid schedules to account for special opportunities or extracurricular activities, and they had to stick to a single, defined curriculum.

    With flexible learning, students have far more control over what, how, where, and when they learn. Students of all learning abilities, preferences, and needs can find success in a flexible learning environment. It is clear that the benefits of flexible learning far outweigh those of a traditional learning environment.

    What Is a Flexible Learning Environment?

    While there is no one way to approach flexible learning environments, this learning method in general allows students to customize how they’re educated. Elements of flexible learning environments can include flexibility in areas such as:

    • Scheduling
    • Course content
    • Physical space in the classroom
    • Types of classes

    Flexible learning can involve rearranging desks into clusters for group work or adjusting schedules to more fluidly incorporate extracurricular activities. Students can also request to alter course content if they learn at different speeds or choose between one-on-one teaching, group work, or lecturing. Flexible learning often incorporates technology into the educational experience, allowing online learning, technology-based projects, and more.

    For primary school students, flexible learning can be especially helpful for getting aid in specific subject areas or for holding the student’s focus longer. For students in secondary school, flexible learning will make it easier to juggle busy schedules. Overall, flexible learning environments allow students to personalize their education, encouraging them to learn at their own pace in the way that best works for them.

    Graphic: How cyber school creates a flexible learning environment.

    How Cyber School Creates a Flexible Learning Environment

    While many traditional schools are at least beginning to experiment with flexible learning, cyber schooling is where you can find the most flexibility and customization. At Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), we are committed to offering flexible learning environments to give our students the best education possible. Our cyber schooling programs offer a variety of ways to personalize your student’s education.

    1. Personalized Learning and Scheduling

    We realize that every student is unique, with different goals, interests, experiences, and learning methods. It makes sense that not every student would want to be taught in the same exact way. CCA offers personalized teaching methods and a customizable curriculum to fit students’ unique needs and wants. We also provide custom education programs for every student, such as Career Pathways programs, an Honors program, or special education programs.

    Along with customized courses, students can also personalize their schedules. They can attend online classes or watch the recording later, depending on what fits best into their day. They can implement extracurricular activities at any point in the day without worrying about missing school. Cyber schooling gives countless opportunities for personalized learning and scheduling.

    2. Flexible Instruction Options

    Not every student learns best in a class with 20 other students. Maybe your student prefers small-group instruction, maybe one-on-one instruction is best, or maybe your student would rather watch a pre-recorded class session. Cyber schooling facilitates this flexibility in ways traditional schools cannot. Whatever type of instruction your student prefers, CCA can fit your student’s needs.

    3. Wide Range of Opportunities

    Because students aren’t confined to one specific place for their learning, opportunities like field trips and independent studies can be easily implemented into their daily schedule. With flexible scheduling, students will have a much easier time planning classes and schoolwork around sports practices, internships, and part-time jobs. CCA’s flexible cyber schooling programs open up countless extracurricular opportunities for students.

    4. Flexible Communication With Peers and Teachers

    In traditional classrooms, students only have access to their teachers during defined blocks of time during the day. With cyber schooling, teachers are far more accessible. Teachers at CCA are available online or via phone, text, email, or chat to best facilitate their students’ learning. 

    Students in cyber school programs get plenty of interaction with peers and teachers in virtual classrooms, which allow for teaching, discussions, and teamwork. At CCA, teachers are particularly devoted to personalizing their instruction to the individual student through one-on-one appointments, formative assessments, and more.

    The Benefits of Flexible Learning Environments

    Cyber schooling clearly creates excellent flexible learning environments, and these environments come with a host of benefits, ranging from variety to convenience to opportunity.

    Variety of Programs and Courses

    Flexible learning environments are perhaps most well known for the variety of programs and courses they can offer. Without the rigid scheduling format that most traditional schools adhere to, flexible learning allows students to customize their curriculum, explore their interests, seek extra help, and find programs and courses best suited to their needs.

    More Comfortable Learning Environments

    The days of cramped desks and uncomfortable chairs are over. With CCA’s flexible online learning, students can learn from anywhere — the sofa, a recliner, or even the back porch swing. Students can also enjoy snacks and drinks while they learn, and there is no need to follow strict uniform guidelines.

    Convenience and Flexibility

    CCA’s online learning programs work with your student’s schedule to incorporate everything into the day, from class time to schoolwork to extracurricular activities. Students whose part-time jobs are in the middle of the day can easily accommodate by rearranging their schedules. Students with afternoon sports practices can efficiently do their schoolwork throughout the day rather than sitting in a physical classroom for predetermined amounts of time. Balancing school, family, and extracurricular activities has never been easier.

    Promoting Collaboration

    Collaboration is an essential skill developed throughout a child’s educational career. Students in cyber school learn to collaborate through video conferences, emails, online collaborative platforms, and other remote features. While students can work independently when needed, they also have plenty of opportunities for group work and collaboration. In an increasingly digital world, learning how to collaborate and communicate online is key to future success.

    Supporting Personalized Learning

    Because CCA has the flexibility to use staff and resources in more unique ways than traditional schools, our flexible online learning programs are great for personalized learning. Teachers have the ability to make learning plans for individual students and provide extra aid to students in specific subjects. Similarly, students have the ability to choose courses that align best with their needs and goals.

    Providing Opportunities Outside of School

    With CCA’s flexible online learning programs, students aren’t limited to the opportunities a traditional school provides. Students can still participate in programs like sports and clubs, but they can also go into the community for learning partnerships, volunteer work, and internships, or they can take college courses. Flexible learning opens the doors to countless possibilities that can supplement your student’s education.

    Graphic: Learn about flexible learning at CCA.

    Learn About Flexible Learning at CCA

    Flexible learning environments facilitated by cyber schooling provide a host of advantages for you and your student. Benefits such as personalized learning, flexible scheduling, extra opportunities, open communication between students and teachers, and more make CCA’s cyber schooling programs a clear choice for students looking for quality, customizable education. To learn more about how CCA helps create flexible learning environments for students across Pennsylvania, request more information today.


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