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CCA course teaches students how to use social media for personal and professional development

Class fulfills technology graduation requirement and is offered to all high school students.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have changed the way the world works. Millions of people around the world have social media accounts, as do most companies and businesses.

Social media is everywhere, which is why CCA now offers a social media course to help high school students understand the impact social media can have and all the ways it can be used.

“I don’t know of many high schools that offer social media classes, so CCA is really ahead of the curve here,” said Jordan Burke, a CCA business education teacher. “The way technology is going, social media is going to be a very large part of the future. It’s only going to grow from here.”

This introductory course fulfills CCA’s technology graduation requirement and is offered to all students in grades 9-12. The social media class lasts half the year and is offered in the fall and spring semesters.

The course consists of 10 units covering topics such as popular platforms and their purpose, and how marketing and advertising practices have changed because of the evolution of social media. Students will learn how to use social media for personal, educational and professional development.

“It’s social media, but it can really help launch you into the workforce once you are out of school,” Burke said. “In this course, we go over how to use it to benefit you to help you down the road.”

Because not everyone is interested in or comfortable with having a social media account, CCA does not require students in the course to have any social media accounts. However, there will be several optional side projects that allow students to apply what they’re learning to their personal accounts.

“We don’t want to pressure anyone into anything,” Burke said. “Some parents aren’t comfortable with their kids having social media accounts, but maybe after taking this course they’ll see the benefits behind it.”

Burke recommends students who enjoy this course take CCA’s digital information technology course to learn more about the technological aspects of social media.

In the future, Burke hopes to expand this course to allow for more advanced levels. He said he believes knowing how to use social media is crucial to succeeding in today’s society.

“A lot of people have in their head what social media is,” Burke said. “After taking this course, I think it can shed some light on how to use social media for personal betterment.”


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March 11th, 2020


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