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Flexibility allows CCA student to start her own business

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    Flexibility allows CCA student to start her own business

    Ta’Kierra is a competitive dancer who is taking a cosmetology course at CCA to help learn how to grow her cosmetics business.

    From struggling with school after the death of her mother to now being a fledgling entrepreneur and competitive dancer throughout the East Coast, Ta’Kierra has managed a remarkable turnaround with the flexibility of CCA.

    In the summer between seventh and eighth grades, Ta’Kierra should have been looking forward to her last year of middle school with the prospect of high school on the horizon. But Ta’Kierra’s summer was spent coping with the passing of her mother.

    In the middle of her grief, she returned to school and struggled to reintegrate. Bullying and fighting, along with not having a permanent address, led her to explore other educational options after she finished middle school. That’s when she found CCA.

    Ta’Kierra is now a 10th-grader in her second year at CCA. In addition to improving her academic performance, the flexible schedule of a cyber school has allowed her to participate in many extracurricular activities.

    “My favorite part of CCA is the level of communication I have with the teachers,” Ta’Kierra said. “Anytime I have a question, they are always there to answer.”

    An active dance student at Worldwide Unique Star Dance Studio, Ta’Kierra applies what she learns in those classes to her competitive dance team. The Worldwide Unique Star Dance Trio participates in competitions all over the East Coast and is scheduled to be on “Good Morning America” on ABC TV this month.

    This dancer also is passionate about being an entrepreneur and owns her own business, Triple T Cosmetics, which sells beauty products such as eyelashes, bundles of hair and lip gloss in her hometown of South Philadelphia.

    Named after her sister, late mother and Ta’Kierra herself, Triple T Cosmetics helps Ta’Kierra make her own money, which is a top priority. She has invested a lot in her business and hopes to see it continue to grow.

    CCA’s flexible schedule helps make it all possible. Ta’Kierra’s dance class meets three days a week and, during breaks, she works on school assignments, which helps her stay ahead. She especially appreciates CCA’s convenience when she is traveling to dance competitions.

    One of Ta’Kierra’s favorite aspects of CCA is the open line of communication she has with her teachers. Anytime she has a question or concern, an instructor is there to help. Students are encouraged to reach out anytime they need assistance.

    Being able to access work from her laptop at any time eliminates the stress that usually surrounds assignment deadlines in high school.

    “If I don’t finish something it’s not very stressful because I can just take my laptop with me and I am able to do work every break during dance class,” Ta’Kierra said.

    The most important thing is CCA allows Ta’Kierra to build her future. She is taking a cosmetology class at CCA to help grow her business as she explores a potential career in that field. CCA also offers career exploration field trips and courses that prepare students for a variety of career fields.

    With a thriving business, winning dance team and a great education, Ta’Kierra has a promising future. Undoubtedly, she is making her mother proud.


    Commonwealth Charter Academy


    October 23rd, 2019


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