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Where’s Comet? CCA’s mascot to visit families at field trips across Pennsylvania

Students can earn extra punches on Comet Card by spotting mascot on educational and social field trips.

CCA’s mascot, Comet, will be visiting various field trips as he travels across the state to surprise families with a big smile, hugs, some high-fives and course, an extra punch on their Comet Card. Every few weeks, Comet will make an appearance – so keep your eyes open for clues, and see if you can spot him at upcoming field trips.

Comet decided to leave some clues along the way to see if you can figure out where he is going to be. Each week, Comet will provide some helpful hints on CCA’s Facebook and Instagram pages as we start to put the missing “puzzle” pieces together. The first clue will be revealed on Monday, Oct. 21.

Pay attention to the clues. If Comet shows up to the field trip you are on, you will receive a double-punch on your CCA Comet Card that day.

The Comet Card gives students the opportunity to receive a free field trip from CCA. Each time students sign in to an educational or social field trip, they get a punch on their Comet Card.

After students get nine punches, they can turn it in for a free field trip up to $20. Comet Cards can be obtained from the Field Trip Coordinator at any event. Comet Cards carry over each school year, so please disregard any dates listed on your card.


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October 16th, 2019


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