Tremendous technology

CCA learners can go to school from anywhere, at just about any time, through easy-to-use technology.

Upon their enrollment, CCA provides learners with everything needed to get started — from technology to all textbooks and materials. 

All necessary materials will be shipped to the home, preloaded and ready to go with all software and programs needed to start school. 

A comprehensive learning management system makes communicating with teachers and checking on grades simple for families.

CCA also has a structure in place for ongoing technical support, guidance and even family mentors to help every family be successful. 

Technical support

CCA families can depend on technical support staff who work to resolve any technology problems they might encounter

Technical support staff can diagnose computer problems, regardless of location.

Please call CCA's technical support team toll-free at 844-590-2864 from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Internet connectivity

CCA families need to obtain their own internet service provider. CCA can offer an instructional technology support subsidy to help families with the cost of internet service.