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What to Expect from a Cyber School Curriculum

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Cyber learning is real learning. Through cyber school, your child is steeped in the core subjects that build a foundation for learning and growth. Like a five-tool baseball player who can hit, throw, run and field, children who master the five core subjects are versatile players ready for any situation. Even if some of the subjects aren’t their true strengths, building a solid base in each gives children the ability to function for a lifetime.

What are the five core subjects in school?  

  • Mathematics: Facility with numbers and mathematical concepts helps students build critical thinking skills and manage daily responsibilities. Mathematics form the basis of calculations behind economics, engineering, scientific exploration and technology.
  • Language Arts: We used to think of it as English class, but language arts encompasses the full array of communications skills. Children learn the fundamentals of written and oral language through listening, reading, speaking and writing.
  • Science: The principles of science explain the mysteries of life, while the discipline of conducting scientific inquiries introduces children to the mysteries waiting to be explored. Science covers every aspect of the natural world, from rocks to planets and from bugs to the human body. Students love science because they get to experiment and question. Parents and teachers know that it opens the doors to fulfilling careers in research and health care. 
  • Social Sciences: Social sciences is another way of saying “how societies work.” Countries create constitutions and laws. Economics drives cycles of prosperity and recession. History provides lessons for the future. People develop cultural standards and expectations. Children study the social sciences in order to learn their responsibilities and rights as citizens, and to navigate a world where the rules aren’t always clear.
  • Arts: The arts unleash the imagination. Through writing, movement, performing, drawing, painting, sculpting and making music, children learn to express their thoughts and feelings. The arts provide an outlet for releasing stress, interacting with peers and learning to solve problems through creative thinking.   

The Importance of Core Subjects in Primary School

A diverse elementary curriculum grounded in core subjects builds a launch pad for student achievement. In the K-5 years, students aren’t just learning the Three R’s of reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. They are learning how to learn , gaining the confidence to master a new concept and then move on to the next.

Through CCA’s finely crafted approach to cyber schooling, teachers deliver a personalized learning plan while parents act as “learning coaches” who guide their children through obstacles and help keep them on schedule. The core subjects in primary school weave through it all, because they form the basis for all learning to come.  

At CCA, elementary-age children are immersed in a mix of online multimedia, print and digital resources that build their academic capabilities. They learn more than traditional math, science, language arts, social studies and the arts. They are also encouraged to take other courses that pique their interests, such as foreign languages. Before long, they begin to comprehend how the pieces fit together, and that there is always a way to find answers to their questions. Through early exposure to the core subjects, children also start down the path toward career exploration, discovering the fields where their talents flourish.  

Expanding on Core Subjects in Middle School

The core subjects in middle school start to look less like five parallel lines and more like a woven basket, intersecting and intertwining to build complexity in thought and comprehension. Great speeches offer lessons in language arts and history. Solving a mathematical puzzle requires communication skills. A lesson on the functions of the human heart becomes real when students sculpt a 3-D model. 

While CCA middle school students continue building their knowledge in core subjects, they are also exploring a vibrant selection of electives. A strong foundation in the core subjects equips them to tackle the areas that spark their interests.They put their language arts skills to use by learning Arabic or Chinese, or discover the basics of reporting and storytelling in a journalism class. Their foundation in the basic principles of visual art prepares them for a class in digital art. Students who are ready can take honors courses that challenge their intellect. All learners continue on the career planning path that began in elementary school, beginning to think seriously about plotting a course toward further study and training.  

How We Balance Non-Core Subjects in High School

High school students aren’t adults yet, but they are maturing and learning to take responsibility for their choices and decisions. The core subjects continue to hold their place in the curriculum, as learners explore more sophisticated applications of the principles in mathematics, language arts, science, social sciences and the arts. Learners put the core subjects to use in real-life situations through internships, work-study, jobs and community service. 

This is also the time when students are thinking seriously about life after graduation. Whether they have their eyes on college, career training, the workforce or the military, they need to start building the credentials that will make them stand out from the crowd. CCA’s elective courses open new worlds of specialized learning in the fields that have seized their imaginations. Honors and AP courses challenge them with rigor. College in the High School courses build credits that give them a head start in higher education (and save families money on tuition). 

CCA learners make it all fit through our Career Pathways framework developed through the collaboration of teachers, parents and students. As cyber school students, they also learn unparalleled time management skills that their peers from brick-and-mortar schools just can’t match. It all leads to building capabilities for independent learning and thought as children progress through school and find fulfilling careers.  

How CCA Learners Experience the Core Curriculum

At CCA, all learning is personalized. Children aren’t fed rote learning that’s only meant to be parroted back on a test. Instead, they learn to employ the core subjects as tools for lifelong learning. They also pursue a curriculum tailored to their unique learning styles, pace and interests. Electives deepen their understanding of intriguing subjects as they prepare for careers and life after graduation. Extracurriculars, clubs and community activities provide the outlets for putting their talents and knowledge to work.

And it all happens courtesy of a solid base in core subjects. Mathematics, language arts, science, the social sciences and the arts are a part of every day, at every phase of life. Children who feel comfortable with all five core subjects in school grow into competent adults, able to manage their own lives and contribute to their communities as responsible citizens.

Mastering the 5 Core Subjects in Online School

CCA’s online learning creates the ideal platform for mastering the core subjects that every student needs for life and learning. There is personalized attention to your child’s learning style. There are teachers devoted to tailoring the learning experience to your child’s needs. There is an openness to parental input, giving parents a hand in devising and driving the learning plan. And, finally, there are opportunities for experiential learning that bring classroom lessons to life. Contact our team today to learn more about our diverse and flexible curriculum for K-12 students learning their way to lifetime success.


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