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Tips to help CCA students master standardized testing

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CCA parent shares strategies to help cyber school students with state assessments.

Cyber school students are not exempt from completing standardized testing as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Brick-and-mortar school students typically sit in classrooms for long hours to complete the testing; however, the testing environment looks slightly different for cyber school students.

CCA students have the opportunity to take state testing at various facilities across the state. Our goal is to provide families easy access to facilities to meet their needs.

In this month’s WeAreCCA podcast, Anna Griesacker, a former family mentor and CCA parent, shares tips for helping students get through the testing process as smoothly as possible.

• Have a conversation about the test with your child. Parents should talk with their children about state testing to answer questions and explain the purpose. Because parents understand their children’s anxieties when it comes to testing, conversations will look different from family to family. When talking to your child about state testing, don’t make the conversation a big deal.

“I told [my daughter] the school was testing her to see what her school was teaching her and to make sure she was getting the correct information,” Anna said. “I didn’t make a big deal about it. I knew if I made a big deal about it, it would make it more stressful for her.”

• Encourage your child to get enough sleep before test day. Your child’s brain will function at a much higher level if he or she gets good sleep the night before a test. You should encourage your child to go to bed early two to three days beforehand.

• Prepare for the day. Standardized testing can feel overwhelming, so it’s important for parents to take steps to prepare so your child will be less stressed.

“Prepare [your student] a healthy breakfast, read through the list of items they need the night before and arrive early rather than rushing,” Anna said.

If you’re looking for tips, read our blog post on how to improve academic performance with smart eating habits.

Also, clear your child’s schedule the day of the assessment so it’s the only thing on the agenda. Your child will be motivated to work harder for the test because he or she won’t have anything school related to do afterward.

If you have questions about the Keystone Exams or other standardized tests, please reach out to your guidance counselor to talk.


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April 4th, 2018


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