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How to Find a Summer Job in High School

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    How to Find a Summer Job in High School

    CCA students working at the Agworks facility

    Summer jobs help students earn extra cash and can teach them how to budget money.

    Summer is on the way, and maybe there’s one thing on your mind – how to find a summer job. Finding and applying for summer jobs might seem scary, but relax. Lots of businesses, and even your friends and neighbors, need summertime help. With a bit of research into the types of summer jobs out there, you’re sure to land the spot that’s right for you. 

    What Types of Summer Jobs Do Students Want?

    The real world offers a wide range of seasonal jobs. The trick is finding the summer job that suits you and your interests. Sure, making money is sweet, but think about the skills you want to build and your future career interests, too. If you can rack up experience that builds leadership and customer service skills, you’ll have a head start on college applications and career searches.

    Consider these types of summer jobs and many others that are available: 

    • Camp counselor. Summer camp counselors play a vital role in keeping campers safe, guiding their development and running activities. It’s a great job for getting outdoors, gaining independence and building skills that make you desirable to future employers, including communicating, problem-solving, creativity and initiative. Visit the American Camp Association for job postings.
    • Babysitter. Babysitting offers daytime, full-time summer employment, taking care of kids who are out of school while their parents work. Consider taking CPR training and a Red Cross safe sitter course to be better prepared for the job and maybe earn more. Visit for openings and a payment calculator. If animals are more your thing, consider summertime pet sitting or dog walking. 
    • Part-time retail. Chances are, a store near you is hiring. Retail jobs offer flexible hours and employee discounts. They also teach management and business skills that look great on a resume.
    • Golf course caddy. Golf courses need people to help around the course. Caddies can make a lot of money, especially if they become trusted aides to course regulars, and they usually get free or discounted play. Knowledge of the game is a must.
    • Lifeguard. Lifeguarding is a highly responsible position. It’s a great way to spend the summer by the water, while making sure that the kids and families around you stay safe. You’ll need CPR and lifeguard certification. The Red Cross is a good place to find training. 

    6 Tips for Applying for Summer Jobs  

    The most important thing to know about finding a summer job is that there’s nothing to fear. Future employers are looking for reasons to hire you, so put your best self forward and dive in. Try these tips for finding a summer job:                                                                               

    1. Ask for an Application 

    The first step in the application process is figuring out who in your area is hiring. Pay in-person visits to local businesses and ask for an application. If they aren’t hiring at the moment, ask to leave your name and number for future reference, or put in an application for their files. If they are hiring, this is a great way to introduce yourself and show initiative. 

    2. Build a Resume 

    Maybe you think you have nothing to put on a resume because you’ve never held a job, but think again. Your time and effort in clubs, sports, school activities and volunteering demonstrate your leadership and teamwork abilities. All those activities combined with decent grades also show that you have good organization and time management skills, which employers value highly. 

    If you still want job experience on a resume, look for internship opportunities. For example, Commonwealth Charter Academy is a statewide cyber charter school that created a Career Pathways model that can help students find internship opportunities throughout the school year. CCA’s year-round career exploration field trips expose students to a variety of career fields, so you can find the field that sparks your interest.  

    3. Dress Well for the Interview 

    Nobody likes job interviews, but you can do it. The right outfit can make a big difference, presenting a great first impression and boosting your confidence. When preparing for an interview, dress to impress and wear professional clothing. Don’t wear ripped jeans, T-shirts or other casual clothing, even if the job itself won’t call for businesswear. 

    4. Prepare Questions for the Interview 

    Before your scheduled interview, write down questions you have about the position. Maybe you’re wondering about the responsibilities you’ll have, what the company does and its workplace policies, or the hours you’ll work.  

    Asking questions about the job allows you to engage with the interviewer. It shows that you’re serious about securing the position and have a curious and open mind. 

    Also, research the company. Read its website, and learn its history. That will give you even better questions to ask, and you’ll understand the terms and references the interviewer uses.

    5. Be Yourself 

    Businesses use interviews to get a feel for who you are as a person, so be yourself. Nervousness is normal, but they wouldn’t have invited you for an interview if they didn’t think you’d be a good fit for the company. 

    Before you go, consider doing a practice interview. Wear the outfit you’ve chosen, and give a friend or relative some background about the job and the company so they can ask questions. 

    6. Be Positive and Enthusiastic 

    Show your personality, and convince the interviewer you would be a great addition to the staff. Don’t complain about previous employers. Speak up about your best qualities, and let the real you shine through.                                                                   

    Finding a Summer Internship or Career-Focused Job at CCA

    At CCA, the real world is our classroom. While other students are shielded from the world of careers until they’re suddenly thrust into it, totally unprepared, we believe that it’s never too early to begin immersive career learning. From an early age, our students are introduced to a wide range of career fields available.

    By high school, our students are engaged in job shadowing and internship experiences, including summer internships, that give them real insights into daily life in the careers that interest them. We coordinate career-oriented opportunities for students who want to gain meaningful experience. With your new skills and knowledge, you’re ready to launch a successful career or continue pursuing your studies in college or career training after graduation. 

    CCA Supports Students Looking for Employment Experience

    CCA’s comprehensive approach to personalized learning isn’t just about academics. Our counselors focus on helping learners achieve success in all aspects of life, because this is how school should work. Academic goals, coursework, personal and social development, and postgraduation planning are interwoven into the quest for productive lives. Our counselors have the resources to help students explore career options and vocational training. That includes help finding jobs that give you a head start on your career ambitions, imparting workplace skills and building networks that lead to the next phase in life. Join our community of learners and dedicated students at Commonwealth Charter Academy, and find your place in the world.


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