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Supporting families is key to cyber school success

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Our Family Services Department provides non-academic resources to families transitioning to cyber school.

Providing support to families is at the core of everything we do at CCA. CCA believes that student success is a team effort, which is why we work to build a strong foundation for support through family relationships. Our Family Services Department provides numerous non-academic resources for families. We guide new students and their families during and after the transition to cyber school.

Our teachers work closely with each family to build a support system that includes the student and parent, or other designated learning coach. Through collaborative outreach, our staff in the Family Services Department work diligently to foster the connection between CCA and the families we serve.

CCA’s Family Services Department is dedicated to providing ongoing activities and support to all families and we serve a variety of functions.

What does the Family Services Department do?

  • Helps families transition to cyber school
  • Provides family mentors to work regularly with new families
  • Provides socialization opportunities for families
  • Provides educational events and career explorations aligned to state standards
  • Provides numerous engagement activities throughout the state, such as Picture Day, Love & Logic classes, bookmobile and Learning Coach Outreach Sessions

What is a family mentor?

Family mentors are veteran CCA parents who help new CCA families’ transition to cyber school. They work with new families throughout the school year to provide practical advice and tips to ensure a smooth and successful transition to CCA.

What is a family involvement coordinator?

There are two types of family involvement coordinators:

  • Mentoring coordinators: There are family involvement coordinators who oversee family mentors in regions across Pennsylvania. They also facilitate various events such as Bookmobile, Summer and Fall LCOS, Picture Day, Love and Logic parenting classes to name a few.
  • Field trip coordinators: Other family involvement coordinators are responsible for scheduling more than 500 field trips throughout the school year. These trips consist of social activities as well as educational trips and career exploration events that are aligned to the curriculum and to state standards.

What is a family service center?

Our family service centers provide students with in-person academic support, reinforcement, tutoring and guidance. Students who attend the centers also participate in extracurricular activities, clubs, STEM programs, field trips and college tours.

Family service centers are designed to assist students who need extra instructional support and reinforcement with their daily lessons. Our family service centers are located throughout Pennsylvania and are available as added support for families.

We provide an on-site success coach to support each student academically. Our highly trained staff work with students in whole group, small group and one-on-one sessions to provide the help needed to complete schoolwork assigned by your child’s state-certified teachers.

Whether you are new to CCA or have been with our cyber school for years, our Family Services Department and family service centers are available to help make your school year a success.


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