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Study tips to help CCA students succeed

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There’s a lot more to studying than reviewing your notes – especially at a cyber school. Learn how to make your next study session more effective.

If you have ever studied for a test but did not receive the grade you wanted, maybe your studying style needs to change. Everyone knows that you must study to get the best grades possible, but not everyone knows the best way to study.

CCA offers a variety of resources to help students succeed. In addition to our state-certified teachers, CCA has Family Service Centers located across the state to provide in-person help and support with academics. We also provide Success Coaches to help students achieve their academic goals.

Some people prefer studying in a group, while others work alone using flashcards. There are multiple strategies for studying, but not every technique may work for you. Test them all to determine which strategy works best for you.

There are a few tips that every CCA student should follow, regardless of your studying style.

  • Give yourself enough time. Studying for two days will not provide you with enough time to fully grasp and learn your lessons. Know how much material the exam will cover, and give yourself enough time to thoroughly study all lessons.
  • Figure out a time to study. Do you study better in the morning? Afternoon? Right after dinner? Everyone has a “sweet spot” when they are the most focused during the day. Figure out when that time is for you, and do the bulk of your studying during that time frame.
  • Find a study space that works for you. Ideally, look for a quiet place with few distractions. Have extra school supplies, sticky notes, flashcards and anything else you might need while studying. Feel free to play music to help you concentrate, but make sure it does not distract you from your work. Bring water and snacks so you don’t need to leave if you get hungry while studying. Finally, make sure your study space is always clean and organized. It will be easier to start studying when you have a clean space, and you will spend less time looking for lost items or materials.
  • Study every day. Studying for one day will not do you any good. Studying every day promotes learning rather than memorizing, ensuring that you get the most of your education.
  • Use online resources such as With Quizlet, you can test any vocabulary, terms, concepts and people you might need to know for a test. There are multiple ways to study on quizlet, including flashcards, games and quizzes. Websites such as Khan Academy provide further clarification on lessons if you remain stuck on a concept.
  • Study with friends. Together, you can tackle bigger questions and use each other as resources to answer questions. Group studying can be done in person, at the library or online through services such as Google Hangouts and Skype.
  • Take a break! Taking a break every 90 minutes vastly improves your focus and memory while ensuring that you do not exhaust yourself. Go for a walk, eat a healthy snack, stretch or call a friend. Do not go on your phone or social media, eat junk food, eat a large meal or nap. That will slow you down and distract you.

Studying takes time and effort, but once you find your studying style and the best time to study, you will be on your way to acing tests in no time.


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October 10th, 2018


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