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The importance of goal setting: 5 tips for academic success

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Learn how to use goal setting to map out your path to success at CCA.

With school back in session, CCA students are busy completing class assignments and preparing for tests. The key to a successful school year is making sure you have good study habits and are setting goals to help achieve academic success.

There are many benefits to setting goals ahead of time. Goals can provide direction, clarity and motivate you to work in order to accomplish your set task. CCA teachers can be a valuable resource to help you achieve success. Fulfilling your goals can be difficult at first, but with proper organization and with these tips, you will soon be able to plan your path to success.

There are two general type of goals students can have: short-term and long-term goals.

Short-term goals are things you would like to accomplish within one week to a couple months, like passing an upcoming test or receiving an ‘A’ in a class at the end of the semester.

Long-term goals are things that would take anywhere from a few months to a couple years to accomplish. Often times, long-term goals can be broken down into multiple short-term goals to make them more manageable.

Here’s five tips to help you set and accomplish your goals:

Pick a specific goal. Write it down. Make your goal as specific as possible. Goals that are too broad become impossible to work with because they cannot be broken down into individual, achievable steps. Your goal should include: what you want to accomplish, how you plan to accomplish it, and when you want to accomplish it.

An example of a long-term goal is going to college. This is too broad and too long-term, so try breaking it down into multiple short term goals. Your new goal would be to focus on your grades f one semester at a time, while participating in extracurricular activities and service projects. This new goal demonstrates exactly what your plan will be while getting you to the same end point, college. There are college and career planning courses to help CCA students with their goals.

Break down your goal. Now that you have a specific goal, try breaking it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Think of your main goal as a ladder with each rung as a small goal. With each small goal accomplish, you get closer to reaching the top of the ladder. Every test you earn an “A” in gets you one rung closer to a stronger college application.

Think about any potential obstacles. Things do not always go to plan. You may not be able to predict all challenges but you can probably think of some. Consider your goal, think about any obstacles that might pop up and think about what you could do to overcome those challenges. This way, if one of those challenges were to occur, you already know how to tackle the problem.

Don’t give up. Reaching your goals can be hard. Even though you may have rough patches, don’t give up. In the beginning of your process, write your goals down and put them somewhere you will see on a frequent basis (bedroom, fridge, back door) to serve as a reminder. If you’re struggling in a class, do not hesitate to ask for additional help.

Reach your goal. Following these steps will help you set, work toward, and eventually reach your goal. It may not always be easy but it will always be worth it. Use these steps to set goals for the upcoming school year and prepare yourself for success.


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March 11th, 2020


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