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6 Great Website Resources for Parents and Cyber School Students 

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    6 Great Website Resources for Parents and Cyber School Students 

    Graphic: website resources for cyber school students

    The internet provides hundreds of resources to help students expand their education beyond the classroom. Whether your child is pursuing their passions or seeking help for challenging subjects, interactive educational websites can help them achieve these goals. Parental involvement can help improve your child’s academic confidence and performance. If you’re unsure how to help, online platforms provide parents with high-quality resources to supplement their child’s education. Best of all, most of them are completely free!

    This guide includes the top educational websites that are fun and useful to support your child’s online learning.

    Graphic: best educational websites

    6 Best Educational Websites for Parents of Students

    Studies show that students who receive educational support from their parents perform better socially, academically, and behaviorally in school. As a parent, you’ll do whatever it takes to help your child succeed. However, if you don’t have a background in education, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. School websites for parents can help steer you in the right direction.

    The secret to helping your child thrive is to work with their teachers to maintain consistent goals outside class. If they’re working on a math unit in school, you can encourage them to play math-related games during playtime. These learning websites for families help parents like you coordinate material that is consistent with their academic focus.

    1. Scholastic Parents

    Scholastic Parents is a one-stop shop for book recommendations, fun activity ideas, and free printables that you can use to supplement your child’s education. You’ll find resources to help build reading, writing, speech, and social skills for children of all ages. They offer hundreds of excellent books that you can purchase directly from their website. The website also provides dozens of relevant articles with tips for parents to help you navigate teaching your child at home.

    2. Book Adventure

    Book Adventure is a subscription service that helps children improve their reading, writing, and spelling skills. For less than $5 per month, your child has access to over 40,000 book quizzes to test their reading comprehension. They also offer interactive spelling and vocabulary lessons, writing prompts, and graphic organizers.

    Parents can use Book Adventure’s fun and educational platform to encourage their children to read. The game motivates children by rewarding their success. After passing each activity, students earn coins that are redeemable for prizes.

    3. PBS Learning Media 

    PBS Learning Media provides educational videos, printable documents, and interactive games covering every topic you can imagine for children in all grade levels. Teachers often use this comprehensive digital resource in the classroom, making it the perfect addition to your studies at home. You’ll have access to hundreds of different lessons to supplement your child’s school curriculum. They present valuable information in a creative format so kids can enjoy learning.

    4. National Geographic Kids

    Parents and cyber school students will enjoy the educational resources that National Geographic Kids has to offer. Their resources cover hundreds of topics, from history and space to nearly every animal on the planet. You’ll find articles, videos, quizzes, and games tailored for children of all ages.

    Your child can use National Geographic Kids to learn more about topics that spark their passion. They’re a reliable resource for completing research projects and papers for school. You can also click over to National Geographic Family for articles with fun ideas and parenting tips to help your child explore the world outside of class.

    5. Science Bob 

    If your child has a passion for science, Science Bob is an excellent resource for wacky experiments you can recreate at home. As his name suggests, Science Bob is a science teacher. He travels the country and has appeared on several well-known television shows to share his enthusiasm for the world of science.

    On his website, you’ll find hundreds of exciting experiments with videos to watch and printable instructions to try with your kids. Science Bob also provides lists of resources you can use to explore scientific topics like space, chemistry, insects, and weather. If your child is preparing for an upcoming science fair, Science Bob has an entire page dedicated to the scientific method, complete with countless ideas to help you get started.

    6. Discovery #Mindblown

    Discovery #Mindblown is the page to visit for information about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They’ve made hundreds of free, fun, and entertaining videos about countless topics. You can take it one step further by purchasing their educational products and games to learn STEM lessons at home.

    What to Know About CCA’s Resources for Families

    At Commonwealth Charter Academy, we recognize the value of a parent’s role in their child’s education. We view student success as a team effort among the teacher, student, and parent or guardian. The flexibility of online learning allows us to create a family-centered education customized to your needs. CCA parents and teachers work together to create a personalized curriculum to help your child thrive.

    Every student and their parents have access to edio — our relationship management system — where you can track your child’s attendance, view their coursework, and communicate with teachers and staff from one convenient platform. You’ll find additional resources on the CCA blog to help you and your child navigate online education. We’re constantly adding new information to answer common questions, offer advice, spotlight our students’ achievements, and showcase all that CCA has to offer.

    As an online education provider, CCA understands the power of the internet to help students master a wide range of concepts and skills. Our teachers use many different online vendors to connect students with their coursework. We may occasionally change the following list to provide students with more enhanced options that improve their learning experience. Here is what CCA has used or is currently using.

    • Communication services: Clever, Kidblog, Nearpod, FlipGrid, Zoom, Edgenuity
    • Online learning and testing platforms: i-Ready, Cengage Learning, Flocabulary, Classkick
    • Reading and writing aids: Turnitin, PowerUp, Storia, Learning Without Tears, Core5, ReadyGen
    • STEM websites: Discover, ScienceFix, Reflex, Gizmos
    • Supplemental information: National Geographic Learning, Newsela
    • World language guides: Rosetta Stone, Smarty Ants
    • Notetaking app: Padlet
    • Career readiness courses: eDynamicLearning
    • Lesson planning resources: Learning A-Z, Aleks, Common Sense, Super Teacher Worksheets, TCI Learning, Acadience, Imagine Learning, Pearson, Achieve 3000, True Flix
    • Art programs: Interactive Music, Great Artist Program, Scratch

    Graphic: learn more at Commonwealth Charter Academy

    Learn More at Commonwealth Charter Academy

    At CCA, our students and their families are the focus of the education we provide. You have the flexibility to choose the courses that meet your child’s needs. We recognize that every student is unique, which is why we offer customized plans and resources for students with a wide range of interests and abilities.

    Browse our blog to learn more about CCA’s resources for families, or contact us with any questions.


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