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Fun Ways to Teach World Geography to Kids

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    Fun Ways to Teach World Geography to Kids

    fun ways to teach world geography to kids

    Geography is a crucial yet often overlooked subject for kids to learn. Geography for students is equally important as reading and math, and it helps create a more well-rounded education. Luckily, there are ways you can teach your kids about Earth’s physical features, where these are, and what the cultures and people are like in those locations. Learn how to teach geography to your kids at home in fun and interactive ways.

    The Importance of Geography for Kids

    Learning about geography helps kids understand their community and the entire world around them. Geography knowledge is important to have in everyday life. For example, while a GPS can be helpful, understanding your surroundings and different locations is a crucial skill, especially as you may find yourself without a GPS at times. Geography is essential for kids to know for several reasons, including the following:

    Geography helps kids discover other cultures from around the world.

    • Understanding geography provides knowledge about time and history.
    • Children can comprehend where events in the news are occurring.
    • Geography inspires travel ideas for future dreams and goals.

    Studying geography from a young age enables kids to make better and more informed decisions, understand the connection between economics and geography, and learn about the relationship between environmental factors and humans. Geography integrates concepts from other subjects, like science, social sciences, and humanities, giving kids valuable knowledge and skills for a lifetime of learning and involvement in their communities.

    Geography isn’t always taught thoroughly in schools. Incorporating geography into your child’s time at home is a great way to ensure they’re still gaining this valuable knowledge. Plus, you may even learn something new together!

    There are many ways to incorporate geography into your children's lives

     5 Ways to Incorporate World Geography Into Your Child’s Day

    You have many fun ways to incorporate world geography for kids into your children’s everyday lives. Here are five ways to bring geography learning into your home.

     1. Making Dinner From Around the World

    Food connects people regardless of where you are in the world. Bringing meals from around the world into your home is a great way to teach your kids about geography and different locations, as well as the dishes’ cultures and native ingredients. An interactive method for doing this is to have your child choose a place on the map, research recipes from that location, and make one of the dishes for dinner.

    Doing this will certainly give you some new and unique meals to try, though you can also incorporate simple recipes. Cooking dishes from around the world can be as easy as having a Taco Tuesday or making crepes, stir-fry, or spaghetti and meatballs. Find fun ways to learn about the new country you’re studying and incorporate them into your mealtime.

    2. Learn and Play By Using Fun Map Puzzles

    Learning geography can be fun with interactive map puzzles. Interacting with puzzles will help your child understand geography while making them feel like they’re playing a game. For example, interactive online maps allow kids to drag and drop states, countries, capitals, and more wherever they belong on a map. Activities like these can be fun for the entire family to participate in and learn from.

    Another way to encourage your child to learn and play with map puzzles is by printing out a map and having them color code the locations. These ideas are great opportunities for you to learn and play with your child.

    3. Watch Travel TV Shows Together

    TV shows can take your child to new worlds, both imaginary and real. Use your child’s screen time to help them explore different locations. For example, travel-centered kids’ shows are both entertaining and educational. They teach kids about new places and cultures in an understandable format from the comfort of your home. Various kid-friendly travel cartoons are available for streaming, so you’ll surely find one that interests your child.

    Some popular choices include “Carmen Sandiego,” “Little Einsteins,” “Are We There Yet,” “Super Wings,” and more. Look for travel TV shows on your streaming services and start watching today!

    4. Try Around-The-World Celebrations at Home

    Every country has celebrations and holidays unique to that location. For example, Mexico celebrates Día de los Muertos every year to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. Japan has the Obon Festival, where they float paper lanterns on lakes and rivers to help guide their loved ones to the spirit world. A wide variety of celebrations take place worldwide that you can use to teach your child about different locations and their cultures.

    With your child, research and study some celebrations that interest you, then plan to observe them at home. While this is a great way for your child to learn about geography, they’ll also learn sociology concepts from participating in new locations’ cultures.

    5. Play Songs About the States and Capitals

    Kids are often quick to pick up songs from movies or TV shows. Use these as a tool to teach your child about geography. Songs about the states and capitals are catchy and easy to memorize. Find songs on YouTube that your child enjoys, then listen to them and help your child remember the words. As your child learns the songs, have them listen while reading a map. Eventually, they’ll be able to use the song to identify the locations.

    For example, if they’re listening to a song about states, they’ll eventually be able to point out each state as they sing along.

    Exploring Your Neighborhood

    Remember that geography is more than faraway cities and countries. In addition to exploring world geography with the tips above, you can also kick-start a childhood curiosity and interest in geography by exploring your neighborhood with your child. Help your child locate and remember landmarks around the community. Doing so can help them gain awareness of their surroundings and where locations are in relation to others.

    Consider making your own map with your child’s chosen landmarks. Include important street names, like streets family members or friends live on, and explore the map to help your child remember locations and roads.

    Make geography fun and accessible for kids with CCA

    Make World Geography Fun and Accessible for Kids With CCA

    For flexible and safe learning, there’s no place like home. Cyber schools offer you and your child a more personalized approach to learning. With online curricula, your child can access their lessons when and where they want to. CCA allows parents to be more involved in their child’s education so that the learning plan makes sense for each student. Learn more about cyber school and how CCA promotes success in all fields of study. Contact us today to learn more and enroll.


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