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Cyber School Teacher vs. Learning Coach: What’s the Difference?

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    Cyber School Teacher vs. Learning Coach: What’s the Difference?

    Cyber School Teacher vs. Learning Coach: What's the Difference?

    The online school curriculum isn’t too different from a traditional in-person education. Many parents and their children find satisfaction in a comfortable learning environment right at home. As students explore their passions for learning with their online peers, you can expect your child to grow as they transition to an exciting new grade each year.

    Although similar to public and private schools, cyber schools have a few different factors that set them apart from in-person options. Each student can make lasting connections with teachers and learning coaches they wouldn’t receive from the traditional education process. Understanding the difference between these two roles is essential for your child’s success in school.

    What Is a Learning Coach?

    Cyber school encourages parents to be more involved in their child’s education.

    When your child enrolls in an online school, you play the role of a learning coach in their education. As you monitor their daily schedules at home, you can help make their learning opportunities easier to manage. Investing in your student’s education allows you to create a trusting bond as you help secure a bright future for them.

    If you’re unsure of your role as a learning coach for your child, learning coach outreach sessions help build your confidence as you spend time getting to know the education your child will receive.

    How Is a Learning Coach Different From a Teacher?

    How Is a Learning Coach Different From a Teacher?

    If you’re considering enrolling your child in an online school, you may wonder about the differences between learning coaches vs. teachers. While both roles ensure your child’s success in school, you can expect to contribute to the learning coach position.

    Students’ caregivers act as the learning coaches, while state-certified professionals take on teaching roles. You’ll act as the mentor who helps with schoolwork, maintains their daily schedules, and ensures they can thrive at home with online learning. Teachers offer the materials and instruction students need to learn new subjects and provide informed feedback that helps students grow academically.

    Your help and guidance as a learning coach continue until the moment they graduate. Your responsibilities will change as your children transition from elementary school to middle school to high school.

    Elementary School

    K-5 is a crucial time in a child’s mental development. These students are starting school for the first time and need as much guidance as possible to adapt to their new learning environments. As your child’s learning coach, you can expect to fulfill the following tasks:

    • Track progress in math, reading, and writing subjects
    • Keep in contact with teachers
    • Track attendance
    • Help review and explain lessons and assignments
    • Facilitate daily schedules with regular breaks, hands-on activities, and classroom learning opportunities

    Your primary role as a learning coach during grades K-5 is ensuring your child will thrive in an online environment. This adaptation to the traditional classroom can take some time to comprehend. However, many children enjoy learning from the comfort of their homes as they explore math, science, language arts, art, music, and many other subjects.

    Middle School

    Middle school is an excellent time for your child to explore their passions through new school subjects. As their learning coach, you can help them establish academic and personal goals. Students can participate in honors programs and explore new subjects such as world languages, digital art, music, world culture, and other core curriculum courses.

    You can expect to complete the following tasks as a learning coach to support your child through middle school:

    • Encourage your student to give their best effort
    • Continue communicating with their teachers regularly to discuss your child’s learning preferences
    • Confirm attendance
    • Help with assignments when needed

    During this time in your child’s life, your role as a learning coach will have slightly fewer responsibilities. They’ll begin learning to manage their daily schedules and find a routine matching their learning preferences. Allowing your child to have this independence is vital for their future success.

    High School

    High school is an exciting time for students as they consider post-graduate plans. Online school offers several plans that fit every high schooler’s goals, including military service information, undergraduate program recommendations, and resources for those going on their own unique paths.

    During this time, your role as a learning coach is less time-consuming, as your child will spend more time independently exploring their options after graduation. However, you can still support their journey by completing the following tasks, which take no more than 30 minutes per day:

    • Continue to monitor grades and attendance
    • Communicate with teachers regularly about your child’s goals, progress, and future plans
    • Make sure they complete schoolwork and exams
    • Encourage them to try out different subjects to explore new interests

    How to Become a Successful Learning Coach

    Ensuring a successful future for your child starts with offering encouragement during every step of their journey. Yourgoals as a learning coach are to ensure your child is comfortable in their learning environment at home and receives the education they need to achieve their goals. While this may seem challenging at first glance, your child will appreciate your dedication to ensuring their time in school is productive and enlightening.

    The first steps to opening the door to their success as they begin their education include:

    • Creating daily class schedules that fit their routines, extracurriculars, and interests
    • Encouraging good attendance
    • Assisting with questions on assignments if needed
    • Communicating with teachers and counselors to ensure a positive learning environment
    • Always preparing for the future

    Help Your Child Succeed With CCA

    Help Your Child Succeed With CCA

    Your child’s success can start with an interactive online education at CCA. Our team of dedicated, state-certified teachers can help them explore their passions, become leaders, and secure a bright future on the path of their choosing. You and the CCA teachers can work together to design a learning plan that provides an outstanding education for your child.

    Our K-12 curriculum offers personalized lessons and academic paths to fit your child’s passions. Teachers take the time to get to know their learning preferences, so each class is as productive as possible and every student has the knowledge they need to achieve their goals.

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