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CCA’s outreach sessions offer learning coaches face-to-face training

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Learning coach outreach sessions provide personalized training and give students an opportunity to socialize with other learners in their region.

Commonwealth Charter Academy started conducting learning coach outreach sessions in 2008 as the result of a survey taken by learning coaches.

In this survey, learning coaches said they wanted advice to help their learners. These face-to-face training sessions started in two locations — Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Since then the outreach sessions have grown to 12 locations across Pennsylvania, and they happen throughout the school year.

Learning coach sessions typically happen during the summer when CCA staff provides hands-on training and gives an overview of the learning management system to newly enrolled families. The attendees learn what CCA staff expects from learners and parents and what they can expect from CCA staff.

The fall outreach sessions are a little different. Parents take part in a conference-type setting, with multiple teachers speaking on numerous topics. Topics that have been covered in the past include: “Food for Thoughtful Writing,” “Note Taking,” “Finding Grit in Your Student,” “Loving Your Student While Helping Them Learn,” “Reading is FUNdamental,” “When Will I Ever Use This?” “Writing with Play-Doh.”

Parents also have time built into the day to network with other CCA parents. While the parents are learning how to help their learners at home, their students are in a room with other learners. The children work with teachers to complete their daily lessons. Throughout the day, teachers provide fun and educational activities for the learners.

Parents who attend the outreach sessions come away with new ideas to help their students achieve success at CCA. Students who attend interact with other learners in their region and often form lifelong friendships.


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October 12th, 2016

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