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Why Is the Student-Teacher Ratio Important?

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    Why Is the Student-Teacher Ratio Important?

    Why Is the Student-Teacher Ratio Important?

    Many public schools are seeing student populations increase while the number of teachers stays the same. With more students, teachers have less time to offer individual attention. Switching to cyberlearning can help provide the time, assistance and support necessary for fostering quality education.

    An essential component of a good education is the student-teacher ratio. Let’s look at why the teacher-child ratio is important and how it helps children achieve academic success.

    What Is the Student-Teacher Ratio?

    Student-teacher ratios describe the number of students compared to the number of teachers at a school. The lower the student-teacher ratio, the fewer students there are for each teacher and the more individual attention each student might receive. With fewer students, teachers are less stressed and can devote more time to offering each student the personalized attention they need.

    Student-Teacher Ratio vs. Class Size Limits

    Student-teacher ratios and class size limits both play a role in supporting students in the classroom. Although these figures are related, they have some crucial differences:

    • Class size limit: Class size limits are the maximum number of students a teacher can have during one instruction period. Most schools have a maximum number of children allowed per classroom to help teachers maintain a controlled educational environment.
    • Student-teacher ratio: The student-teacher ratio is the total number of students to teachers. One-on-one attention and smaller ratios are beneficial in education, especially when it comes to the education of young children. If a second teacher comes to work in a classroom, there will be a lower student-teacher ratio even though the class size has stayed the same.

    In schools with large class size limits, the student-teacher ratio often depends on the number of special education programs.

    Teacher-Student Ratio and Academic Performance

    While it might be tempting for many schools to increase class sizes due to public demand, children benefit more from reduced class sizes. Smaller classes and increased instructor attention are essential for supporting young students in crucial developmental and learning stages. Studies show that children — especially elementary-aged children — show improved performance in smaller classes compared to students in larger classes.

    How Cyber Charter School Teachers Support Students

    How Cyber Charter School Teachers Support Students

    Online charter schools offer children extensive teacher support as they participate in customized education programs. Students can use flexible curricula to develop their education in the way that suits them best. Some of the advantages of low student-teacher ratios in online charter schools are:

    Better Feedback

    With a lower student-teacher ratio, cybercharter students can receive more personalized teacher feedback. More students means that teachers’ workloads are higher — with so many students to work with, there’s less time to offer detailed feedback. On the other hand, having fewer students gives a teacher more time and attention to devote to each one. Teachers can get to know students and their parents better, working with them to develop strategies for each student’s success.

    One-on-One Attention

    With a lower student count, teachers can work one-on-one with students better. While lectures and class instruction help educate students, solo teacher-student attention helps each child grow academically. With fewer students comes more individual time for instructors, who can frame activities and information in a way each student can understand. A teacher can take the time to explain a confusing section to one student and provide detailed, positive criticism of another student’s work.

    Cybercharter school also makes it easier for teachers to meet and communicate with their students. Instead of trying to catch their teacher during a free moment, cyber students can email and message them to set up a virtual meeting.

    Improved Learning

    Online programs allow students to work at their own pace rather than forcing them to move on before they fully understand their current subject. Students can spend more time diving into a topic they enjoy with more individual teaching experiences and get additional support when they need it.

    Curated Support

    CCA school counselors provide curated digital counseling for students, preparing them for the world after graduation. Online charter school students receive more involved assistance from their school counselors, who offer help with things like:

    • Resume-building.
    • Interview practice.
    • Interest profiles.
    • Goal-setting.

    At a cybercharter school like CCA, online education covers more than academics. School counselors, teachers, and coursework are all dedicated to educating students academically and helping them achieve success after school. Career counseling resources and internship opportunities help prepare students for more than just college — they provide them with the skills and knowledge to succeed and support themselves independently once they graduate.

    How Commonwealth Charter Academy Provides Support for Students

    Children in classroom settings often struggle with focus and getting the attention they need. In classrooms with high student-teacher ratios, children may not receive all the assistance and support they require. With cyber learning at CCA, students can obtain a high-quality education with improved one-on-one time with instructors.

    Cyber school at CCA has several key differences that make it a better choice than other remote learning options:

    • Customized curricula: Remote learning traditionally consists of the same lessons as an in-person school, delivered in a virtual space. With a high-quality cyber learning program like the ones at CCA, students receive a personalized education every step of the way. We work with students and their families to develop a customized curriculum tailored to their individual strengths.
    • Lower student-teacher ratios: CCA’s flexible schedule allows for a lower teacher-student ratio. Daily virtual instruction is available, along with session recordings, and students and parents can meet with teachers to discuss support and lesson plans. Regular communication with instructors and flexible hours tailored to your child’s routine helps maximize their educational potential.
    • Individualized approach: Along with better teacher and school counselor support, the enriching academic programs at CCA help develop each student’s individual talents and interests. We offer specialized support, advanced programs, and personalized courses to provide your child with the best education possible. Students receive an educational environment suited to their unique talents that encourages them to seek out their passions beyond the classroom.

    Get Individual Attention With CCA

    Get Individual Attention With CCA

    Students can achieve their academic goals with high-quality curricula designed for online learning. CCA prepares all schedules, activities, and lessons to provide successful, functional education to students in an online space. The online setting allows teachers to focus more fully on each CCA student. Students and families collaborate with teachers to develop curricula that meet the needs of each child.

    At CCA, we offer personalized learning programs because each student learns differently and at their own pace. Students will get all the attention they need from their teachers from the comfort of their own homes, giving them a safe structure and reliable support system to help them achieve academic success.

    If you’re interested in our cyberlearning programs or want to know more about how we help our students achieve success, contact us today.


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