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CCA’s college prep program helps student determine his career path

Graduate credits guidance counselors for helping him carve out career path and will enroll at University of Valley Forge this fall.

Brandon is ready to graduate from CCA. He said the school has helped him carve out a future career path and helped him gain the skills and confidence needed to fulfill his dream of going to college.

Brandon plans to enroll at the University of Valley Forge this fall and plans to major in pastoral ministries. The only thing he hasn’t decided is whether he should minor in video production or go all in for the double major.

CCA helped equip Brandon with the information and skills for this next phrase of his life through the college and career planning courses the cyber school offers..

“One of the other things that helped me was preparing for the college application process. I always wanted to go to college ever since I was four years old,” Brandon said. “So when I came into CCA, it prepared me to learn the steps to be able to start that. Preparing a FAFSA. Getting recommendations. Building a resume and portfolio.”

Faith is a big part of Brandon’s life. Throughout high school, working with CCA’s online program gave him the flexibility needed to also study the Bible and do his daily devotions.

“It was helpful being able to do school online, where it’s a flexible schedule for me,” Brandon said. “I have school, and then I’m working part time, and then I have church as well. So the flexibility to be able to have lessons, when I need to, every day is a really good benefit for me.”

An avid writer, Brandon kept a journal of what he learned during his Bible studies throughout each week. Brandon said, “Based upon the theme from the week, I would try to write a spoken word poem, using literary devices like rhyming or metaphors.” He even participated in CCA’s Journalism Club. For his first article, he interviewed the school’s CEO, Dr. Maurice Flurie, and wrote about the history of CCA.

Brandon plans to work two part-time jobs before he starts college, one as a UPS package sorter and the other as a lifeguard. CCA’s personal finance course taught him how to budget and save money from his paycheck – and even how to invest it. This class is a requirement for all students, so they can enter college better understanding debt, retirement, insurance and other money-related topics.

Brandon said when he first came to CCA, he had reading comprehension problems. CCA teachers helped him learn how to overcome challenges and build his self-confidence.

“One of the things I learned at CCA is that, when we struggle with lessons, it’s OK because then you grow and you learn by overcoming that struggle,” Brandon said. “That’s something that CCA taught me.”


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August 28th, 2019


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