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CCA offers wide range of clubs to appeal to students’ diverse interests

There are more than 30 clubs at CCA for students to explore their passion and interests.

CCA offers a variety of clubs to enable students to socialize, learn and have fun. Even though CCA is a virtual school, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with extracurricular clubs and activities. All ages are welcome to express their interests (and maybe pick up a new one) by signing up for clubs at CCA.

CCA sends out a signup form twice a year – typically in October and January – describing all the clubs that the school offers. Parents can discuss with their student which clubs pique their interest on the form. Then, they can sign-up and parents sign off on their students’ participation in clubs at CCA.

Students are able to join multiple clubs, and many do. If it doesn’t take away from their virtual lessons, students are free to explore the many opportunities offered at CCA.

Every club has a teacher adviser that oversees the activities and events throughout the school year. They coordinate various meeting agendas and organize events. If the club is competitive, they are in charge of the logistics of competing.

“They love to do it and love being with the students in a different fashion,” said Tim Butler, assistant high school principal at CCA.

Butler is on the club committee and supervises a variety of clubs. He said that the cool thing about the teacher advisers is that they tailor activities to students’ interests and let them lead the way.

“We try to see what students are most interested in and focus on that,” he said.

Teachers first contact the students who sign up, then they pick a time that works best for most people’s schedules. According to Tim, most club meetings are held online, but also can be held at a regional Family Service Center.

Participants meet weekly or biweekly based on the club. Due to the CCA schedule, many clubs meet on Fridays since middle and high school students often don’t have lessons on those days. Otherwise, they will meet in the late afternoon.

At CCA, there are about 700 students that are involved in at least one club. There are more than 30 clubs and there is an average of 20 students in each one. Due to CCA’s open enrollment, new students can join at any time, so club size can vary.

According to Butler, the most popular clubs are the Minecraft Club, the Gaming & Computer Club, and the Chess Club.

Clubs don’t always stay in the virtual realm. Some clubs have live meetups or will work together to participate in competitions. For instance, the Gaming & Computer Club recently participated in a gaming competition, and the Forensics (Debate) Club is planning on doing the state competition.

Butler also said that there are some new clubs this year like the Classic Film Club for high school students. But what he’s most excited about is the Health Careers & Research Club. CCA is partnering with Geisinger Health to show students the variety of health careers. They are planning on having employees of Geisinger come speak with students about nontraditional careers in the health care field. CCA also is hoping to tour Geisinger facilities with the club.

If a student doesn’t see something that interests them, Butler said they can apply to start a club of their own. The club committee, made of three assistant principals ,including Butler, receives the request forms. If they approve it, they will assign a teacher to pilot the club. After a few months, it will be up for approval from the school board.

There are many benefits to getting involved as a student at CCA. Students are able to meet others who have similar interests as them and are able to socialize on a regular basis. Another benefit to the virtual setting is that students are able to make friends across the entire state and bond over their hobbies. So go out and explore your interests by getting involved in a club here at CCA.

Here’s a list of some of the current club offerings at CCA:

• Advance Chess Club (Grades K-12)

• Art Club (Grade K-5)

• Art Club (Grades 6-8)

• Arts & Crafts Club

• Book & Digital Storytelling (Grades K-5)

• Brainteasers Club (Grades K-5)

• Broadcast Club (Grades 6-12)

• CCA Action Club (Grades 7-12)

• Classic Film Club (Grades 9-12)

• Coding & Computers (Grades K-5)

• Computer Science (Grades 9-12)

• Environment Club (Grades 6-8)

• Forensics (Debate) Club

• Gaming & Computer Club (Grades 6-12)

• Home Life (Grades K-5)

• Introduction to Chess (Grades K-12)

• Journalism (Grades 9-12)

• Journalism Magazine (Grades 6-8)

• Math Club (Grades K-8)

• Minecraft Club (Grades K-5; Grades 6-8)

• Pen Pal (Grades K-5)

• Rubik’s Cube Club (Grades 9-12)

• Science Club (Grade K-2; Grades 6-8)

• Sign Language (Grades K-5)

• Social Club (Grades K-5)

• Social Studies Club (Grades 6-8)

• Theater Arts Club (Grades 6-12)

• Virtual Dance (Grades K-12)

• Youth & Government (Grades 9-12)


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