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Coding and Computers Club teaches elementary school students about technology integration

CCA teacher inspires K-5 students with coding and technology lessons.

The Coding and Computers Club teaches students how technology impacts, agriculture, art, fashion, the medical field and even schools. As a cyber charter school, CCA relies heavily on technology in day-to-day activities.

Bridget Saltzer is a first-grade teacher and adviser of the Coding and Computers Club. As the club’s adviser, Saltzer teaches elementary students in grades K-5 about the impact technology has on today’s world and how coding can be used in a variety of fields. Saltzer will cover software, hardware, coding, future career options and much more.

CCA offers more than 40 clubs that appeal to students with a variety of interests. This will be the second year of the Coding and Computers Club.

Club members who are part of the Coding and Computers Club will use a variety of programs to learn the basics of coding. The youngest members in grades K-2 will learn from Code.org, which is a free program developed by a nonprofit to teach students how to code.

“Code.org is a great program with hands-on aspects to teach students the basics of creating a computer program and making sure all the steps are in order,” Saltzer said. “There’s a lot of really fun visuals, graphics and games that students program.”

Students have the opportunity to integrate coding with “Angry Birds.” Their goal is to get the heroic red angry bird to the evil pig so the bird can defeat him. Students learn the importance of sequence in codes by dragging and dropping blocks with arrows.

“At the elementary level, they are not typing out the code, but they are still able to learn through these blocks,” Saltzer said.

Older students in grades 3-5 have the opportunity to explore broader concepts. Students in these grades focus more on how to read codes but they still integrate games, like “Angry Birds.” For example, they still learn through dragging and dropping blocks with arrows, but they are also able to see how the code is written.

Students will learn from a variety of sources. They will read, work hands-on with robotics and watch fun videos about jobs in the computer science industry. Most of the curriculum focuses on getting students familiar with code sequences and the basics of computer programming.

The club members meet virtually once a week through CCA live classroom lessons where they independently work on the coding websites. Saltzer plans to host at least one in-person activity. Last year, the club members met in person to explore different robots and capabilities. One of CCA’s robots looks like a regular ball, but can be controlled and moved by an app.

“One of my goals is to get students interested in coding. At any of the levels, if they come out loving it, then I feel that’s a success.” Saltzer said. “For the older grades, if they can create a program they are really proud of, that’s a great outcome for them.”

Students can learn more about the Coding and Computers Club by visiting the “Community” tab in edio. If they already have an interest in coding, they can email the club’s adviser, Bridget Saltzer, at [email protected]


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