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CCA graduate to study bioengineering at Lehigh University to solve medical problems

CCA’s focus on independent learning and time management allows a student to volunteer at a hospital, write a novel, and spend time with her family.

Jillian, who is a Class of 2019 graduate, credits her part-time job and volunteer work for helping shape her future career path.

Jillian expressed that CCA’s program has allowed her to have a rich educational experience. The flexibility of an online education has offered her the opportunity to have a part-time job while also volunteering at St. Luke’s Hospital in Monroe County.

“I knew I wanted to be an engineer before I started volunteering at the hospital,” Jillian said. “But then being exposed to all of the medical technologies and being able to interact with the patients made me feel that participating in the medical field would be a good career path.”

Jillian plans to continue her education and will study bioengineering and environmental engineering at Lehigh University.

“Since engineering is focused on problem solving, I feel it will allow me to give back to my community and help make the world more beautiful,” Jillian said.

Jillian’s mother, Waleska, appreciates how CCA prepares its students for the future. Waleska said that CCA’s program helps students become independent learners and provides them with the skills necessary to succeed in life after high school.

“Students basically learn how to be responsible, not procrastinate, be organized, and take the initiative in seeking new information or when trying to learn new things,” Waleska said. “It essentially prepares you for being a college student.”

Despite Jillian’s workload, she still found the time to have fun. CCA offers more than 500 field trips each year for students. Jillian even met her best friend on one of the trips and is choosing to attend the graduation ceremony in Harrisburg, so she and her best friend can receive their diplomas together.

Jillian said she attended several memorable field trips during her time at CCA.

“One of my favorite field trips was the one where we got a performing arts lesson,” Jillian said. “We were talking about acting and how to perform in a play, and the students got to perform a short ‘Lion King’ skit, which was fun.”

By using her time-management skills, Jillian even found time to write a novel.

“It’s a science fiction story with morals and themes. Things I learned from my English teachers, I’ve incorporated into the story,” she said. “I want to publish it to share the wisdom I learned at CCA with a broad audience.”

Jillian also gardens at home and learned how to cook – sometimes preparing dinner for the whole family.

Having strong family involvement is important to Jillian and Waleska, which is why they felt CCA’s commitment to family service was the perfect fit for them.

“We spent a lot of quality time with the kids during these years and have gotten to know them as individuals,” Waleska said. “It was important for us to nurture a good social environment within the family itself, since family is the primary influence in your life.”

Jillian said she has enjoyed her experience with CCA and would recommend the school to anyone who needs more flexibility in their education.

“They have a lot of opportunities for engagement. It’s a positive learning environment. You can work at your own pace. And the teachers are very passionate and determined to offer the students a good experience. They encouraged me to challenge myself and take honors courses. They were always very supportive. It’s definitely something I would recommend.”


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August 14th, 2019


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