CCA student combines passion for dance, career interest in medical field to battle pediatric cancer

CCA allows Jordyn, a high-achieving student and accomplished dancer, to reach her goals and help fight pediatric cancer.

Jordyn is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, raises money for pediatric cancer, dances up to 17 hours a week, holds bake sales and wants to go to medical school. She’s driven, focused and she’s a freshman at CCA. 

CCA’s cyber school program has allowed Jordyn to thrive. Jordyn’s schedule – especially the ballet classes – keeps her on her toes. Her mom, Lisa, knows that choosing a school to educate your child is all about what factors work best for the individual child.

“I think school choice is super important because kids don’t fit into one mold,” Lisa said. “Some students do well in a brick-and-mortar school, but some kids need more flexibility.”

Jordyn’s older brother graduated from the local public school district in Monroe County. When he was in middle school, he had some problems with bullying. However, since he wanted to stay at his existing school, Lisa felt that was the right choice for him. 

With Jordyn, Lisa and her husband, William, wanted to try something different. Lisa began home-schooling Jordyn for kindergarten – and completed the entire year’s curriculum by December. They got a head start on the first-grade curriculum when Lisa realized: “I didn’t know if I could keep up with the pace that she can actually learn at.” 

After reviewing their options, Lisa and her husband decided on CCA. For Jordyn, cyber school was the right choice. CCA’s program encourages students with a strong appetite for learning and supports students who advance beyond their peers

“The opportunities are really great,” Jordyn said. “The stuff I’m learning now is stuff I know kids in public school aren’t learning till maybe their senior year.”

CCA’s program gives Jordyn control over the pace of her own education and allows her the time she needs to balance all of her extracurricular activities. In addition to history, biology and Spanish, Jordyn’s learning time management. The scheduling gives her the opportunity to practice modern dance, ballet, hip-hop and tap. 

She’s even figured out how to combine her love of dancing with her desire to help others. Every year, from May to October, Jordyn coordinates monthly fundraising bake sales. This culminates in a dance marathon in November, all in support of fighting pediatric cancer.

Once students reach high school, CCA offers a personalized career consultation. A counselor recently sat down with Jordyn and her parents to match her with a potential career path based on her skills and interests. The testing revealed an aptitude for the medical profession, which lines up well with Jordyn’s goal of becoming a pediatric surgeon. 

Over the next few years, CCA will work with Jordyn to find medical internships and volunteer opportunities. Getting practical career experience now allows Jordyn to determine if this is the path she wants before she enrolls in college. No matter which road she takes, Lisa knows that CCA will ensure that Jordyn is well prepared. 

“CCA has taught her to be self-reliant, though they’ve always had a net there if she needed it,” Lisa said. 


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