CCA graduate is writing his own future


Zamir Deon Williams, a recent CCA graduate from Middletown, Dauphin County, was only in eighth grade when he started crafting his first novel. 

The book, titled “Guardian: Franklin’s Story,” was eventually published during Zamir’s junior year. It was quickly followed by a sequel, published during the same year.

The series follows the tale of Franklin, a high school student abducted to another world only to realize he is actually the son of Medusa and David, a guardian angel – making Franklin the possessor of supernatural capabilities. This sci-fi creation was inspired by a combination of superhero shows, Harry Potter books and pure imagination.

“I’ve been writing since the age of 8,” says Zamir, who joined CCA during his eighth-grade year. “With CCA, I had a lot more time and flexibility, so I decided to write as much as I could. That’s when the first draft was made.” 

This flexibility also was the reason that the Williams family decided to join CCA. With several cross-country moves under their belt, a public cyber charter school schedule fit them perfectly.

During his junior year, Zamir said he decided to “buckle down and publish everything I’d written,” even though this meant giving up his social life for the summer and spending time at a computer instead. 

CCA rallied around Zamir to support his dreams. 

“They were behind me and alongside me all the way. CCA hosted two of my book signings,” Zamir said. 

Teachers such as his eighth-grade English teacher, Richard Hook, and head representative for CCA’s National Honor Society, Jennifer Fernez, went above and beyond in encouraging Zamir’s writing.

He also was invited to a book signing at the Red Cross, where he shared his thoughts on the importance of following your dreams, no matter your age. 

During his time at CCA, Zamir was a member of the National Honors Society and the school’s writing club. The club, which has approximately 50 members, consists of learners posting writing samples on a message board for other members to read and offer constructive feedback. 

Zamir sees a lot of writing in his future – although he plans to balance this passion with other interests. He will be attending Elizabethtown College this fall, with a major in electrical engineering and a minor in creative writing. 

These two fields might seem polar opposite to each other – but they actually have a lot in common, according to Zamir. 

“I’m a very creative person; I like to make things and have always messed with electronics, and writing is also something I’ve always loved to do,” he said. “Taking a major and a minor allows me to blend the two.”