CCA helps family with 5 special needs’ kids build an educational foundation

CCA created a customized curriculum tailored to support students’ academic struggles and helped Sara’s family through personal hardships.

Sara is the sole caretaker for her five grandchildren, who are all enrolled at CCA. Rosalie is in kindergarten, Jeremy is in second grade, Julian’s a third-grader, Julius is in fourth grade and Veronica is the youngest who was recently enrolled at the cyber school.

“I can’t even tell you how awesome CCA is for us,” Sara said. “I have five special needs’ kids. I have one with autism and I have Julius with PTSD. CCA has bent over backward to help us.”

CCA’s commitment to personalized education has helped Sara’s kids manage their learning difficulties. When the kids were struggling with edio, Sara reached out to Adam Fraser, the elementary school principal at CCA, with her concerns. He quickly set up a meeting to go to her home and discuss the issues.

Sara and Adam developed a plan to create a customized curriculum structured for her kids’ specific needs. “Adam Fraser has been a pivotal point for me in my children’s elementary educational journey. He is absolutely phenomenal,” Sara said.

Earlier this year, Julian was hospitalized. Sara contacted CCA to let them know what was happening.

“My son almost died,” she said. “When I wrote to the school and told them what was going on, Adam Fraser and Brittany, his secretary, came to the hospital. And the support that we had from the school meant so much.”

When Sara returned home from the hospital to discover that the family no longer had internet service, their teacher jumped into action by emailing links to the lessons so Sara’s kids could take their classes on her phone.

“The way CCA fits into our life, the flexibility, it’s just amazing,” Sara said. “They do their work outside. We can go to a doctor’s office and ask for wifi, and they can do their schoolwork at the doctor’s office if one of them has an appointment.”

CCA also encourages students to get active outside of the classroom. So, Sara’s grandchildren enrolled in Brazilian jiujitsu.

Sara wants her grandkids to have the best lives possible when they grow up, and that future success starts now with a solid education.

“My kids love school,” she said. “They can’t wait to open up their computers. They want to get to class and learn from their teachers, and that’s a great foundation. If they like to learn, they’re not going to stop learning. And CCA has done a great job helping my children want to learn.”

For Sara’s family, CCA’s personalized education, flexibility and empathy have helped them through difficult times.

“CCA goes above and beyond to help children and their families get through tragic issues, health issues, everything,” Sara said. “The compassion that the staff, the teachers and the administration have is just phenomenal.”


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