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Boy with brown hair writing on a piece of paper with teacher

Online Learning: Know Your Terminology

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.13.2021

There’s a first time for everything, and that includes cyber learning. Any time you enter a new world, there’s a new language to learn, full of buzzwords and strange terms. Families that make the choice to do what’s best for their children and enroll in a cyber charter school are going to hear some unfamiliar […]

CCA student talking on his headset while on his computer

How Does Technology Improve K-12 Education?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.06.2021

Your child was born in an unprecedented age. The technology that seems wondrous to previous generations — maybe even yours — is just a backdrop to them. They are true digital natives, not only comfortable in a technology-driven world but incapable of imagining life without it.  In this atmosphere, technology in education is revolutionizing the […]

Online Student Provides Innovative Storytime for Friends

By CCA / 04.05.2021

As the 2019-20 school year came to an end virtually, Elizabeth Wheeler contemplated how she could give her children an enriching summer when camps and activities with friends seemed impossible. After Elizabeth hosted Zoom crafts for her children and their friends, her daughter, a sixth grader with CCA named Aubrey, began sharing the home movies […]

CCA student and teacher looking at a laptop

How Online School Lets Students With Autism Thrive

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.30.2021

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are just like all kids. They are smart, funny and perceptive. They learn according to their own styles and pacing. Yes, they can be trying — what child isn’t? — but through it all they bring joy into the home and a parent’s only wish is for their happiness. […]

1st Grader Winning in School and on the Dirt Track

By CCA / 03.29.2021

Racing runs in Brody Haugh’s family. His father raced four-wheelers for Grand National Cross Country Racing and had Brody practicing by the time he was 2½ years old. By age 3, Brody was racing dirt bikes in Breezewood. In 2019, Brody was the national champion for the Grand National Cross Country series at age 5.  […]

CCA student using a headset to talk online

How Online Schooling Empowers Students With ADHD

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.27.2021

Students with ADHD have distinctive needs that traditional schooling can’t always meet. Some parents might feel they don’t have viable school options for students with ADHD, but the reality is they have an excellent choice. The benefits of online school for students with ADHD include flexibility, personalized learning and the use of technology to capture […]

Student drawing a diagram

Pros & Cons of Online K-12 School

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.23.2021

In the past, school and home were separate. Kids went to school every day. Then they came home. Times have changed. The bright line between school and home has blurred. Parents now realize that online learning offers a wealth of benefits that traditional schooling can’t — flexibility, safety, academic control. Still, they have questions about […]

Have CCA, Will Travel!

By CCA / 03.22.2021

As the start of the 2020-21 school year approached, Whitney Bausman was considering how she could give her son the best educational experience. Whitney’s husband was working remotely and their son, Clark, 6, was preparing to start kindergarten.  “Going into this new school year with my son starting kindergarten and getting into the public school […]

CCA student looking at his computer

Remote Learning and Virtual Classroom Etiquette

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.16.2021

Even before the pandemic of 2020, online learning was taking hold. Technology was driving innovations in how students and teachers connect across cyberspace. Remote learning already was a viable option for families ready to break from the inflexibility and traumas of traditional brick-and-mortar schooling.  With the pandemic of 2020, more families discovered the power to […]

Family using a CCA cyber school laptop

Is Your Family the Right Fit for Cyber School?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.09.2021

Why should school be a one-size-fits-all proposition?  Somewhere along the line, traditional schooling turned into something to which families and students must conform. While families twist themselves into pretzels to accommodate schedules, curricula and demands, brick-and-mortar schools don’t often extend the same courtesy.   Fortunately, there is an alternative. Cyber school has grown into a powerful […]

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