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CCA senior Madison Lucey of Scranton

CCA student named Amazon Future Engineer and national winner of NHS scholarship

By CCA / 05.20.2020

Editor’s note: This blog post was written by CCA senior Madison Lucey. On March 23, I woke up to a package on my front door. It was an overnight package from FedEx marked “overnight special delivery from Amazon.” I was surprised because I had not ordered anything from Amazon that week. I read the return […]

Cyber school student makes face shields to help hospitals during pandemic

By CCA / 05.13.2020

A CCA freshman from Waynesboro is putting his technical know-how to work for the area’s health care community by using his 3D printer to make face shields for a local hospital during the coronavirus pandemic. Drake Christianson learned from a parent involved with his FIRST Robotics Club that the staff at UPMC Carlisle had a […]

Mother and child using a laptop

How to Transfer Your Child to an Online School

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.07.2020

You’re probably thinking about transferring your child to online school. It’s a natural inclination, given the challenges of traditional schooling that hamper your child’s learning and well-being. Online schooling opens doors to independent, student-centered learning in the safe, secure environment of your home. Still, you might be juggling two competing thoughts. You want to find […]

How to Find the Right School for Your Child

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.07.2020

It’s one of the most vexing questions a parent faces. “How do I choose between schools?” When you’re wondering how to find the right school for your child, there’s a lot to consider and the stakes are high. It’s important to begin the search because today’s parents recognize that they don’t have to accept second-best. […]

Public cyber charter school student wins T-shirt design contest

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.22.2020

An eighth grader at CCA recently let her creativity shine when she won the public cyber charter school’s T-shirt design contest. The contest held by CCA allowed students to compete to design a shirt using only three colors. The winning student, Bryna, will have her design printed on T-shirts and sold in the school store. When […]

How Cyber Schools Support Diverse Learners

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.21.2020

Pennsylvania’s public school system, like others across the country, is tied into a one-size-fits-all approach to education, teaching students the same thing at the same time at the same pace. Full-time virtual schools, like Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), are built to suit every style of learner. With our customized curriculum and the flexibility for our […]

Internships help cyber school student determine her career path

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.07.2020

Before she came to CCA, Emily wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she graduated high school. But, after enrolling in the cyber school when she started high school, Emily has landed a couple of internship opportunities that have helped her determine her career path. Emily’s mom, Sherry, credits the cyber school for allowing […]

NASA engineer shares experiences with CCA students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.12.2020

Students in a CCA elementary school science class received an out of this world educational experience when they got to hear from an aerospace engineer who works at NASA. Lou Parkinson, a family friend of a CCA assistant principal, knew that she wanted to talk to kids about the importance of space exploration. After a few phone […]

CCA course teaches students how to use social media for personal and professional development

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.11.2020

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have changed the way the world works. Millions of people around the world have social media accounts, as do most companies and businesses. Social media is everywhere, which is why CCA now offers a social media course to help high school students understand the impact social media can […]

CCA student: Cyber school is important education option for families

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 03.11.2020

“Is school closed today?” or “Shouldn’t you be in school today?” are two questions my brother, Zane, and I hear all the time when we are out grocery shopping or visiting the library during traditional school hours. My name is Alyson and I am a sixth-grader at CCA. My brother, Zane, is a fourth-grader at CCA. […]

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