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Student in a yellow sweater using her CCA computer

The Importance of a Daily Routine for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 01.12.2021

Routine can get you out of a rut. Makes sense, right? Of course not. But it’s true. Routines for students come to the rescue when your child is stuck in a destructive cycle of stress, poor sleep, lousy diet, fatigue and a constant time crunch. All those consequences come from lack of routine, when stress […]

Girl in glasses writing in notebook

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Courses: What’s the Difference?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 01.05.2021

As parents discover more about online learning, they keep hearing about synchronous and asynchronous courses. It might seem confusing, but the difference is simple. Synchronous is real-time learning, whether virtual or in person. Asynchronous is learning with a time lag between teacher and student.   Fortunately, cyber schooling offers the best of both. As researchers from […]

Family sitting on a couch together

How to Support Your Child With Special Needs

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.29.2020

Supporting your child with special needs requires a unique brand of devotion. Parents of children with special needs are their child’s mentor, advocate and cheerleader. They are also jugglers, balancing academics with their child’s medical, social and emotional needs. Fortunately, online learning provides the flexibility that equips families to manage their responsibilities and celebrate the […]

CCA students working together at a table

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Social Skills

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.22.2020

For parents, few moments are more painful than watching their children struggle to make friends. A child’s social skills can set the stage for happiness and acceptance. It’s important to remember, though, that social skills can be taught and practiced. If you’re one of those parents wondering how to help a child with social skills, […]

Ghost Maid: Prologue and Chapter One

By CCA / 12.15.2020

Before we start, this story is not complete, but it is long, maybe too long for this newspaper. For this reason, some chapters may be split into Parts 1 and 2. For now, that will not be the case, but for future chapters please be aware of that. Thank you.  -Patty H. Prologue “What must […]

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday

By CCA / 12.15.2020

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday By Paige W. (MS) Today “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” My best friend, Mel, practically screamed. “What?” I asked lazily, knowing what was coming. “You have to audition for the play today!” “Why?” “Because I don’t want to be alone in the play,” Mel whined. “Of course,” I started, seeing […]

The Ghost Writer

By CCA / 12.15.2020

The (Ghost) Writer By Natalie C. (HS) Hello, can you hear me? Or, rather, can you see me? You are reading this after all. At least, I hope you are. I pray you are. There is not much time, there is not much space. I am trapped here. I suppose you question where here is. […]

A Look Beneath

By CCA / 12.15.2020

By Alivia M. (HS) What is ugly? Is it the opposite of beauty? What defines beauty? Because what if ugly to you is beauty to me? One thing is not what we all see. Is beauty perfection? But what is perfection because it is one thing today and another tomorrow. And the people they’re hyper […]

Student doing homework on a CCA laptop

Tips to Help Students Stay Focused in Online Classes

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.15.2020

In this new world of online learning, all parents have discovered what CCA families already knew: Taking online classes offers new levels of flexibility. CCA parents know they can mold the online learning experience into one that suits their family interests and lifestyles. Still, cyberschool parents don’t expect any less rigor. They want their children […]

CCA student taking an online class

How Students Can Stay Physically Active

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.08.2020

Children are naturally active, but too many things are pulling them back to the couch. Video games, smartphones and televisions demand their eyeballs and thumbs – and not much else. Why is that a problem? Because growing bodies and minds need fuel. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes, physical activity lays the […]

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