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Graphic: what is media literacy

What Is Media Literacy and Why Is It Important for My Child?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 01.24.2023

Parents often ask whether the media their children engage with is good for them, and these are important questions as our world becomes more digital. Media literacy is a relatively new concept, and most people born before the most recent generation, Generation Z, likely won’t have encountered this in school. However, since children interact with […]

Graphic: Prevent online learning burnout

How To Prevent Online Learning Burnout

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 01.17.2023

There are so many amazing things you can learn online. You can enroll in anything from personal enrichment courses to a full degree program from a university. In an online learning environment, motivation must come from the student, rather than being imposed from an outside source like a teacher. But even the most motivated student […]

Graphic: 5 Productivity Tips for Students

5 Productivity Tips for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 01.10.2023

For students, attending classes is just the beginning of success. They can go to every class, but if they do not put in an effort at home to complete assignments and study for tests, they still may not do very well. If your student struggles with how to be productive studying at home, you are […]

Graphic: Importance of Mindfulness for Students

Importance of Mindfulness for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 01.03.2023

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities of everyday life? Always trying to check off the next item on your to-do list can make it hard to focus on the present. Maybe surprisingly, children are prone to experiencing some of the same feelings. In fact, studies show that 7.1% of children ages 3-17 have been diagnosed with anxiety. […]

Graphic: My Child is Gifted, Now What?

My Child Is Gifted — Now What?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.27.2022

As a parent, finding out your child is gifted probably wasn’t a surprise. Gifted children have unique characteristics that make them stand out from other students. In the past, gifted children have been identified by good grades and high achievements, but recent studies have shown that giftedness is determined by more than a person’s intellectual […]

Graphic: help your child learn responsibility

Help Your Child Learn Responsibility: 25 Age-Appropriate Chores

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.20.2022

Do you remember helping out around the house when you were a child? In one survey, 82% of parents said they completed chores regularly when they were young, but only 28% reported that their children do them. When your children help with household tasks, it teaches them more than just how to clean the house. […]

Graphic: preparing your teen for independence

Preparing Your Teen for Independence

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.13.2022

As your child reaches their teen years, you’ll start to notice major changes in their attitude, preferences, and behavior. Teens are learning how to become more independent, and for some families, this can stir up conflict. Teens might seem more argumentative than usual as they learn to assert themselves. Understanding your teenager can help you […]

Graphic: why is it important to have a workspace for learning?

Why Is It Important To Have a Workspace for Learning?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 12.06.2022

At brick-and-mortar schools, students often operate with their own workspace in addition to shared class resources. Having dedicated materials for a child’s individual use is essential for optimal performance. Sharing desks, books, and other items can lead to distractions and clutter. Students in cyber schools need a dedicated workspace to thrive in their academics. Students […]

Graphic: 7 life hacks for online school

7 Life Hacks for Online School

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.29.2022

When you first start online schooling with your child, you may face a new set of challenges to work through. Adjusting to online learning can take some time and effort until you find a sustainable routine that lets your child maintain a healthy balance between schoolwork and their personal life.  It’s essential to figure out […]

Graphic: Common distance learning challenges

Common Distance Learning Challenges and How to Overcome Them

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.22.2022

In 2020, 93% of households with school-aged children reported using some form of distance learning during the school year. With this sizable shift from in-person education to remote learning, students are increasingly experiencing the challenges of distance learning. Though there are many advantages of online schooling, some students who are new to the remote experience […]

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