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Student examining plants at the Agworks facility

Can High School Students Do Internships?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.19.2021

When we think of interns, we usually think about college students. Just when they’re preparing for careers and self-sufficiency, internships open doors by helping them build real-world experience and contacts. But if internships are so valuable, why shouldn’t high school students get the benefits, too? After all, they’re just like college-age students. They’re exploring career […]

CCA students at aquaponics club

4 Benefits of Joining a Club in School

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.12.2021

In the world of extracurricular activities, everyone knows about sports, music and theater. But do you think of clubs as valuable extracurriculars? Believe it or not, the benefits of clubs at school can be just as important as those other splashy activities for your child’s personal well-being and academic success. Plus, club membership helps your […]

CCA student working with electrical wires and laptop

How to Choose a School for Your Gifted Child

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.05.2021

Choosing the right school for your gifted child is an important matter. The best education for a gifted child offers stimulation, flexibility and a rich basis in learning that lets your child’s unique talents soar. Online learning at CCA offers all that and more. Cyber school gives children the freedom to explore the subjects that […]

CCA student playing a violin

How Online Music Education Is Taught at CCA

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 09.28.2021

Music education is a game-changer for kids. Music opens worlds of opportunity to learn, create and interact. Music education has the power to boost academic performance and self-confidence in children, providing them with collaborative and communications skills they’ll use for life.  Of course, you might be asking, “How is music taught in cyber school?” It’s […]

Mother and daughter working on a CCA laptop

Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 09.21.2021

Learning is fun. Tests are not, but they are a necessity. Tests help teachers see how well your child understands important learning concepts. And, of course, they help decide the grades that go on your child’s report card. However, the phenomenon known as test anxiety can affect student performance. Children might know the subject well, […]

CCA student and her mom working on her schoolwork

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cyber Charter School

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 09.14.2021

If you aren’t happy with your child’s school, you don’t have to put up with it.  High-quality public schooling at no cost to families is as close as your dining room table, or spare bedroom, or any other internet-connected space in your home.  It’s called cyber charter school, but because it’s still relatively new, many […]

Student surrounded by plants smiling

Why Should Students Volunteer?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 09.07.2021

School. Tests. Jobs. Extracurricular activities.  Your child has a lot to do every day. It’s all geared toward learning and moving toward future goals, but here’s one more thing your child should have on the schedule — volunteering.  Why should students volunteer? Because there are many benefits of student volunteering. It starts, of course, with […]

CCA students doing art in a mobile classroom

Art Education in School — 5 Reasons It’s Important

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 08.31.2021

Art takes many forms, pulling from the heart and intellect of the artist to create paintings, poetry, dance, theater and music. In education, study after study shows that art creates an outlet for creativity, self-expression and self-understanding that promotes academic achievement.  In the 21st century’s “creative economy,” people who can think artistically rise to the […]

Family sitting on a couch smiling

What You Need to Know About Graduating High School Early

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 08.24.2021

American schools make a really big ask of their students. They demand that you adjust the timeline of your life to their schedule. But what if you have big plans for college, career or the workforce that can’t wait until graduation?  That’s when graduating high school early should be an option. It should be your […]

Student resting his head on his hand looking at his CCA laptop

What Are the Benefits of Playing Video Games?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 08.17.2021

Children need to learn many skills as they grow up. Teamwork prepares them to be valuable members of the community and the workplace. The ability to problem-solve and think on their feet provides confidence and agility. Making friends teaches them the value of forging relationships. This might come as a surprise, but video games are […]

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