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fun ways to teach world geography to kids

Fun Ways to Teach World Geography to Kids

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.01.2023

Geography is a crucial yet often overlooked subject for kids to learn. Geography for students is equally important as reading and math, and it helps create a more well-rounded education. Luckily, there are ways you can teach your kids about Earth’s physical features, where these are, and what the cultures and people are like in […]

How to start a garden with your child

How to Start a Garden With Your Child

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.30.2023

You may not have considered gardening before when it comes to fun activities for you and your children, or maybe you already do it by yourself but don’t know how to involve your children in gardening. Either way, gardening is an excellent activity for families to do together. Let’s explore why that is, when the […]

10 things to pack for a field trip

10 Things to Pack for a Field Trip

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.25.2023

School trips are excellent opportunities to broaden students’ horizons, reinforce what they’ve learned in class, and forge meaningful relationships. Although teachers will typically provide a list of items to bring for a school trip, it’s always good to create your own. Doing so will help your kids get the most out of their venture. If […]

Why are social skills important for children?

Why Are Social Skills Important for Children?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.23.2023

Social skills are a vital part of early development. They impact your child’s ability to interact, communicate, and form relationships with other people throughout their life. Your child’s identity, sense of agency, ability to make friends, and overall well-being are strongly linked with their social skills. Children with well-developed social skills — the verbal and […]

History of K-12 learning

History of K-12 Learning

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.18.2023

The kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12) educational system in the United States was created almost 200 years ago to provide all children with an equal opportunity to attend school. Although it’s changed over the years, K-12 learning is nearly the same public education system that most people experience today. The goal for K-12 schools is […]

How to help your child struggling with math

How to Help Your Child Struggling With Math

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.16.2023

Math can be a challenging topic for anyone, and math disabilities can occur at any age or grade level. These issues can stem from learning deficits and wide-ranging environmental and developmental causes. No matter your child’s age, if you notice them struggling, there are many ways to help your child with math at home. The […]

4 rules for safer field trips for online students

4 Rules for Safer Field Trips for Online Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.11.2023

As an online school, our students at Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) have greater flexibility regarding field trips than students in traditional schools. We offer many educational field trips to enhance lessons and social outings for students to have fun while making new friends. While the experiences we provide through field trips are essential for growth, […]

school supplies every online student needs

School Supplies Every Online Student Needs

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.09.2023

School supply shopping is a back-to-school favorite for many families. Despite heavily using technology, K-12 students at online schools still need certain materials for a productive and educational year. As with any work- or learn-from-home setup, your students’ school space should be comfortable and practical. Keeping proper school supplies for online classes nearby helps your […]

What is school choice

What Is School Choice?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.04.2023

By basic definition, school choice is a policy that allows parents to send their children to an approved education provider of their choice for their education by utilizing the public education dollars allocated for each student. The term represents diverse and ever-evolving ways students can access their K-12 education. Whether it be a private school […]

How to check your child's reading skills at home

How to Check Your Child’s Reading Skills at Home

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.02.2023

As a parent, you want to ensure your child is developing skills throughout their K-12 education so that they are prepared to be successful lifelong readers. Reading skills are classified into levels that are determined based on factors such as grade level and reading assessments, which test skills like comprehension and pronunciation.  Finding the right […]

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