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Student doing homework on a CCA laptop

Tips to Help Students Stay Focused in Online Classes

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.09.2020

CCA families love the flexibility that comes with online learning. They appreciate the chance to make school fit their lifestyles and interests, unlike brick-and-mortar schools that make families adapt their calendar to the school’s schedule. Still, taking online classes is no less rigorous than traditional schooling. Children maximize their academic benefits when they know how […]

CCA Class of 2020: Cristian Kent

By Nick / 07.21.2020

Cristian wants to be a Disney World chef someday soon, so the last time he visited family in Florida, his mom arranged a meeting with three top Disney chefs. Each had different career advice: Go to college, become an apprentice or go straight into a kitchen. Thanks to CCA, Cristian doesn’t have to choose one […]

Cyber School Virtual Open House – Spanish Presentation

By sperry / 07.08.2020

Domingo 19 de julio a las 3 PM ¿Pensando en una Escuela Virtual K-12 para el nuevo curso? CCA invita a toda la familia a su gran evento virtual de Puertas Abiertas, el domingo 19 de julio a las 3 de la tarde. Los representantes bilingües de CCA responderán en vivo todas sus dudas para […]

CCA Class of 2020: Cheyenne Sauder

By Nick / 07.07.2020

When Cheyenne left CCA, it didn’t take long to discover what she was missing. She was a CCA student from third through eighth grades before deciding to give brick-and-mortar high school a try. “That did not turn out to be what I expected in the least,” she says. “I felt very unsupported and unimportant, which […]

CCA Class of 2020: Joshua Danielowski

By Nick / 07.01.2020

For Joshua, ice hockey and the travel needed to play were a priority. So was schoolwork. Through CCA, he was able to do both. “I have goals in hockey, but even if I were to end up playing overseas or in a lower professional league here, I know I’m going to make money with my […]

CCA Class of 2020: Kaleigh Sheridan

By Nick / 06.30.2020

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him.”  Originally said by G.K. Chesterton, these words were the defining element of Kaleigh Sheridan’s graduation speech to the CCA class of 2020. They also apply to her dreams of working in politics.  Kaleigh […]

CCA Class of 2020: Jacquelyn Cress

By Nick / 06.29.2020

Jacquelyn has attended CCA since kindergarten. In her commencement speech, she reminded the class of 2020 about everything that CCA has done for them. “Even though this is the only school I’ve ever known, I have no regrets,” she told them. “We’ve all experienced true life. No matter what background you’re from, CCA always helps […]

Class of 2020: Michelle Donaghy

By Nick / 06.26.2020

As a girl who was tall and smart, Michelle found herself the target of teasing from her first day in kindergarten in a brick-and-mortar school. Her teacher didn’t help the situation. Michelle’s mother quickly discerned the problem – “because she’s awesome that way,” says her daughter – and transferred her to CCA. “And it clicked,” […]

CCA Class of 2020: Kaili Enslin

By Nick / 06.25.2020

 As Kaili explored her college choices, the high cost of tuition was beginning to thin the list. Then a letter arrived from Penn State. “Thanks to CCA, I got a Provost Award from Penn State University and that’s allowing me to attend the school of my dreams,” Kaili says. Kaili, of Albrightsville, has been an […]

Student pouring liquid into a funnel

Back-to-School Tips for Students and Parents

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.23.2020

Every year, just as summer starts to wane, the signs of back-to-school season appear. Store shelves overflow with notebooks, pencils and lunchboxes. Teachers are sending their back-to-school lists. You’re hopeful that we will be returning to a sense of normalcy in the fall – with sports, band camps and school plays ready to take to […]

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