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Graphic: Importance of middle school education.

The Importance of Middle School Education

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 08.09.2022

Middle school is a transformative time for students. Children experience many physical, emotional, and educational changes during middle school. It is a crucial point in their development to help prepare them for high school and set them up for success in life. While most middle schools serve grades 6-8, some junior high models serve grades […]

Graphic: Cyber school vs. remote learning.

Cyber School vs. Remote Learning

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 08.02.2022

In an era when technology is on the rise and many external factors are convincing parents to look for options beyond traditional in-person education, learning via computer is becoming increasingly popular. However, it can be difficult to understand the intricacies of online education. Many terms get thrown around about online learning, sometimes interchangeably and sometimes […]

Graphic: Importance of sleep for students.

Importance of Sleep for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.26.2022

It’s no secret that sleep plays a critical role in a child’s behavior — and that can directly impact their education. With enough sleep, students are properly equipped to improve their focus, concentration, and overall performance in school. Similarly, children who get enough sleep are at a lower risk for health problems such as obesity, […]

Graphic: How to motivate high school students.

10 Simple Ways to Motivate High School Students to Learn

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.19.2022

Motivation is one of the most important factors in a student’s ability to learn new material. Strongly motivated students are more likely to dig deeper into content and engage in critical thinking, helping them retain more information at a higher comprehension level.  In today’s fast-paced society, finding ways to engage your teen in their studies […]

Graphic: How cyber school creates a flexible learning environment.

How Cyber School Creates a Flexible Learning Environment

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.12.2022

Before flexible learning, students sat in a classroom for a predetermined amount of time and listened to a lesson designed for a broad audience. They were unable to adjust their rigid schedules to account for special opportunities or extracurricular activities, and they had to stick to a single, defined curriculum. With flexible learning, students have […]

Graphic: How to choose a career after high school.

Career Quizzes for High Schoolers: Everything You’ll Need for Success

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.05.2022

Though many students choose their classes based on their interests, they might not pursue those subjects in the future or secure a related job, leading to difficulty choosing an enjoyable and fulfilling career path. According to a recent study, 51% of students are uncertain about their career paths when they enroll in college.  If you […]

Graphic: What is the difference between an IEP and 504 plan?

What Is the Difference Between an IEP and a 504 Plan?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.28.2022

IEP and 504 plans are both designed to meet the needs of learners with physical or mental disorders and disabilities. They outline how the student’s educational team accommodates their needs and provides optimal learning environments. An IEP falls under special education laws, and 504 compliance is required under civil rights law.  While there are similarities […]

Graphic: Importance of social emotional learning.

The Importance of Social Emotional Learning in Education

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.21.2022

Social-emotional learning (SEL) in education helps students develop kindness, empathy, and mental resilience. Incorporating SEL in the learning environment has many short-term and long-term positive impacts. But what is social-emotional learning, and what does it entail? Learn more about SEL and why it’s so important. What Is Social-Emotional Learning? SEL is a fundamental aspect of […]

Graphic: How to ease your child's transition from preschool to kindergarten.

Helping Your Child Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.14.2022

Transitions can be challenging for a young child. Leaving preschool and entering kindergarten means new rules, learning methods, teachers, peers, and surroundings. Without proper preparation, adjusting to these changes isn’t always easy. For that reason, it’s vital to aim for a smooth transition for both you and your kindergartener. Learn how to prepare for kindergarten […]

Graphic: Things you should know about your school administrator.

Things You Should Know About Your School Administrator

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.07.2022

Do you remember your principal from when you were in school? They may have greeted you in the hallways or spoke at school functions. Principals have many duties beyond interacting with students. Even in an online setting, they are vital to keeping the school running smoothly.  At Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), our school administrators are […]

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