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student doing homework at a table

Visual Note-Taking: What Is Sketchnoting for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.16.2024

Education is an essential part of a child’s life. With advances in research and technology, we’re learning more about the importance of personalizing education for students. By equipping students with adaptable learning strategies, they can customize their approach to education to fit their unique needs. Sketchnoting is a more visual method for taking notes that […]

a woman and a child laughing together

Educational Audiobooks to Listen to with Your Children

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.02.2024

Audiobooks have transformed stories from a circle time experience or part of a bedtime routine to an activity you can participate in throughout the day. You can listen to audiobooks as you cook dinner, drive to work, or unwind for the night. Additionally, audiobooks can help put your children to sleep, give them an exciting […]

STEAM Summer Activity Ideas

STEAM Summer Activity Ideas

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.03.2024

STEAM education is a learning approach that incorporates science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. These subjects are a baseline for critical thinking, student inquiries, and new dialogues. Learning happens every day outside of the classroom and it’s important to encourage your child to seek real-world experiences to apply their knowledge and gain new insight. STEAM […]

How Does Learning Environment Affect Academic Achievement?

How Does Learning Environment Affect Academic Achievement?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.20.2024

Crafting an effective learning environment for your child can boost their performance and foster a love of learning. This space should match their needs, learning habits, and independence levels to ensure they feel secure and supported. Keep reading to discover how learning environments can affect academic achievement and how to create a proper space for […]

Children playing with toys

10 Characteristics to Teach Your Child

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.13.2024

As parents, you want to see your child blossom into the impactful person they’re meant to become. Many parents contemplate how to teach character traits and which ones will mold them in the best possible way. Teaching these characteristics can be challenging, but it’s well worth the investment for you and your child. Character Building […]

Family activities to do in Pittsburgh

10 Family Activities to Do in Pittsburgh

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.06.2024

Pittsburgh is a city teeming with life and history. With dozens of museums, historical sites, and art centers, you’re guaranteed to find an enriching, entertaining activity for your family to enjoy. These trips are essential for promoting your kids’ growth and development. Family field trips improve kids’ motor skills, expand their knowledge, and expose them […]

college readiness checklist

College Readiness Checklist for Cyber School Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.29.2024

High school students should begin exploring their college, trade school, university, and technical school options as soon as their freshman year. The earlier they start defining their interests and goals, the more prepared they’ll feel to finish high school and begin their next educational journey. As your child progresses through high school, work with them […]

10 Earth Day Activities for Students

10 Earth Day Activities for Students 

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.22.2024

Every year, Earth Day unites people worldwide to celebrate planet Earth. Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to educate students about the benefits of recycling and our responsibility to protect the environment. Earth Day activities are fun and educational, ranging from outdoor adventures to creative crafts. Let’s discover some exciting Earth Day activities for students […]

Educational Movies to Watch With Your Kids

Educational Movies to Watch With Your Kids

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.17.2024

In a world of bright, distracting screens, it might feel like your child is always seeking entertainment and falling behind in education. Movies with educational messages or subject matter offer parents and kids a chance to learn as they’re entertained. Watching movies with your kids can help you open a dialogue with your child about […]

5 Activities to Help Develop Prewriting Skills in Your Child

5 Activities to Help Develop Prewriting Skills in Your Child

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 04.10.2024

At some point in your education, you probably sat down to write something and thought, “I don’t know where to start.” This kind of writer’s block is common, especially for young writers still learning about the process. Prewriting activities can help kids develop their ideas and prepare for writing before they put pen to paper […]

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