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Two CCA students completing schoolwork at home

Signs My Child Is Being Bullied

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.20.2021

It’s every parent’s nightmare. Your child suddenly becomes fearful and withdrawn, and you finally learn the reason. Your child is being bullied.  Unfortunately, some schools fail to respond forcefully, despite so-called “zero-tolerance” policies. A true zero-tolerance policy, such as CCA’s, cuts off bullying at the source and helps the child who has been bullied heal, […]

Mother and son looking at a CCA laptop

A 101 Guide to Writing Emails to Teachers

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.13.2021

Open, honest communications is the key to a strong relationship, especially when it comes to your child’s education. Parents who want to be partners in their child’s education must develop trust with teachers and administrators. At CCA, we are open to your suggestions and questions because, after all, you know your child best. We want […]

CCA students painting in a mobile classroom

How Cyber School Students Socialize

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 07.06.2021

When parents consider all the benefits of enrolling their children in online school, they think about the personalized education and the safe learning environment. But many still trip over one concern — the fear that their children won’t be able to socialize. The truth is, children can socialize in online school. In fact, they have […]

CCA student looking at his computer

Reading Tips and Strategies for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.29.2021

Reading is the foundation of all learning. In fact, it’s often said that, from birth to third grade, children learn to read. After that, they read to learn — for the rest of their lives. Children who struggle with reading find themselves falling behind academically and losing their self-confidence. Reading comprehension skills unlock the door […]

CCA student looking at his computer

How to Study Effectively — Study Tips for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.22.2021

Everyone knows what it means to study, right? You sit in front of a book or computer and stuff your brain with facts. Actually, studying is much more complex than that. Good study habits are essential to academic success, but not everybody knows how to get the most from every study session. For some students, […]

Student working with a learning coach

Tips for Staying Organized — Online Study Help

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.15.2021

Organization is the foundation and launchpad of a successful school year. Students and families who are organized have enough mental bandwidth to concentrate on lessons and assignments, without the distractions of last-minute dashes to practice or frantic searches for misplaced schoolwork.  It’s especially important to know how to stay organized in cyber school, where visits […]

CCA Student Using Her Laptop at Home

Personal Finance Tips for Students

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.08.2021

Every Pennsylvania student is supposed to graduate from high school “future ready,” with the literacy and mathematical competencies to function in an ever-changing world. But do they know how to pay their monthly bills? Do they know how to save enough money to make their dreams come true? Only 15 percent of Pennsylvania schools require […]

CCA student holding a whiteboard with a math problem

Why Is Break Time in School Important?

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 06.01.2021

In a culture in which “nose to the grindstone” is a sign of strength, it’s no wonder that we expect kids to study and never come up for air. Just try harder, their schools tell them, and you’ll be a better student.  Science knows otherwise. Why are breaks important in school? Because the human brain […]

CCA students taking notes

How to Include Online Courses on a Resume

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.25.2021

In the digital age, learning is unlimited. Education arrives on demand, ready to change lives. Use online courses to add new skills to your toolbox, and you become more employable, ready to take on jobs that weren’t even invented 10 years ago. Even K-12 students are learning the skills and agility to succeed in a […]

CCA teacher in a yellow sweater pointing at a student

How to Build Positive Relationships With Your Online Teachers

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 05.18.2021

Everyone remembers a teacher who made a difference in their lives. Chances are, that teacher recognized your talents and encouraged you to be your best self. In turn, you felt comfortable approaching the teacher for extra academic help and for life guidance.  Strong, trusting relationships between teachers and students make room for hope and understanding. […]

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