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Commonwealth Charter Academy offers information sessions and enrollment assistance for PA families looking to switch schools for students in grades K-12.

Enrollment window is always open at CCA

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.26.19

Cyber school provides year-round enrollment to support families looking to switch schools.

If you’re concerned about school safety, your child is being bullied or is struggling in school, CCA could help provide support your family needs.

Seven signs it’s time to change schools

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.26.19

If your child is struggling in school, CCA could help provide support your family needs to be successful.

Commonwealth Charter Academy provides cyber school students with many socialization opportunities outside of classroom, including field trips and internships.

Top ways for cyber students to socialize outside the classroom

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.26.19

CCA students have an abundance of social and educational opportunities available to them.

CCA program provides families support they need to overcome challenges

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.20.19

Student Assistance Program partners with organizations across Pennsylvania to provide students with assistance.

Commonwealth Charter Academy graduate is a student at Point Park University working as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates sales team.

CCA electives jump-start graduate’s career in sports management

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 11.06.19

Justin is a sophomore at Point Park University in Pittsburgh and is working as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates Bucs Sales Team.

Flexibility allows CCA student to start her own business

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.23.19

Ta’Kierra is a competitive dancer who is taking a cosmetology course at CCA to help learn how to grow her cosmetics business.

Where’s Comet? CCA’s mascot to visit families at field trips across Pennsylvania

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.16.19

Students can earn extra punches on Comet Card by spotting mascot on educational and social field trips.

CCA provides resources to protect students from bullying

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.09.19

Cyber school offers network of personal, academic and family resources to help students overcome the aftermath of bullying.

CCA students win top honors at educational film festival

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 10.02.19

Math teacher Christina Jackson helped students create educational films about concepts in math, science and social studies.

CCA student’s academic success jump-starts volunteer efforts

By Commonwealth Charter Academy / 09.25.19

Madelyne of Tobyhanna has distributed gift cards to homeless people and donated 100 bags of homemade crayons to Ronald McDonald House.

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CCA helps learners gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to achieve success.