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If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional public school, consider a customized cyber education at CCA. As a public cyber charter school in Erie County, we’re open to Pennsylvania residents at no cost to families. CCA provides a personalized education in which students learn at their own pace from the comfort of home.


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Cyber School in Erie, PA

A tuition-free online education is available through Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a public cyber charter school in Erie.

CCA, for students in grades K-12, offers Pennsylvania families a flexible, quality education from the safety of their own home.

It’s easy to enroll your child in our tuition-free cyber charter school in Erie, PA.

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Online Charter School in Erie, PA

Cyber school in Erie

CCA is an online public charter school that offers an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Our education approach differs from other cyber charters, working within the same tuition-free structure to unlock each child’s passion for learning. We provide students and their families with a flexible learning environment. Using a holistic approach, our teachers examine each student’s academic, social, and developmental needs to help them find the best balance of activities for their skills and interests.

Students can attend live instruction sessions and interact with their teachers and classmates if they would like a more traditional and structured school day. Alternatively, they can opt to access their lessons asynchronously to work through them at their own pace. They can also participate in over 900 social and educational field trips throughout the year, hold jobs or internships, enroll in college courses, and even graduate early.

How CCA Serves Students and Families

CCA has provided students and parents in Pennsylvania with quality cyber education since 2003. We observed students all being taught the same thing at the same time, regardless of their needs. This one-size-fits-all structure prompted our founding trustees to explore a unique approach to education — meeting students where they are and personalizing the learning process. Our school board of trustees is an independent board that supports innovation in education, and all of our board meetings are open to the public.

We aim to support students and parents through robust collaboration and quality course materials. Some of the many ways we serve our CCA families include:

  • Customized education approach: We understand that every child learns in their way. Our students have personalized learning paths that reach beyond the borders of a traditional in-person environment, exploring career opportunities and community learning during school hours. Our customized academic programs align with each child, setting them up for success and adapting to their changing needs.
  • Comfortable learning environment: As CCA students learn from the comfort of home, they can create learning environments that eliminate distractions and promote focus and engagement with the coursework.
  • Flexible learning schedules: Our learning schedule flexibility allows students to choose when and how they learn, leaving time for family, sports, clubs, and jobs. Students can pick their best learning environment and form of communication, from online, phone, email, and chat opportunities to connect with their teachers.
  • Excellent family support: At CCA, education is a collaborative effort. All newly enrolled families have access to family mentors — CCA parents who have already navigated the transition to online learning. They’re available to answer non-academic questions and support families throughout the year. Our teachers work alongside each family to build solid support systems through collaborative family services outreach.
  • Robust socialization opportunities: We offer numerous socialization opportunities throughout the year, including hundreds of field trips, clubs, extracurricular activities, workshops, internships, and special events.

A Cyber School Preparing Students for Post-Graduation Life

Career training and college readiness are critical components of our education program. Depending on your child’s goals, they can avail themselves of resources such as college preparation services and the Career Pathways program. Our full-time, certified school counselors help learners set academic goals, schedule courses, and plan for life after high school.

Our CCAWorks® initiative provides students with high-value workforce skills. It enables them to discover their future careers from elementary through high school. We also offer career-focused courses and clubs. Career readiness activities help students find the best path for their skills and passions. Students can aim for the following post-graduation options:

  • Vocational school: CCA provides hands-on learning opportunities that prepare students for vocational school and beyond. Students can train and gain knowledge in multiple vocational careers, including plumbing, aeroponics, electrical, and HVAC.
  • College: Our students can get a headstart in their college careers through Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment college courses. Our program allows students to complete challenging courses that match them with college classes.
  • Workforce: The CCA team helps students determine which internships and future careers fit their goals. We host career exploration events for middle and high school students to give them hands-on experiences in their potential career paths. Our events explore careers in arts and communication, business finance and information technology, engineering and industrial technology, science and health, or human services.
  • Military: CCA provides robust support to military families, teaching children the value of service at a young age. If our students aspire to military careers, they can look forward to meeting with military personnel and learning about a life of service. We also offer resources to prepare them for military careers.

CCA's Cyber School Programs

CCA offers varied and engaging cyber school programs in Erie and across Pennsylvania. Students at different grade levels can enjoy the following courses:

CCA's cyber school programs

Elementary School

Our quality online elementary school program builds a solid foundation for future academics, involving parents from the outset. Students are immersed in resources that appeal to various learning styles in traditional math, science, English language arts, and social studies. We also offer art, music, physical education, and multiple elective courses.

Middle School

At CCA, we empower our middle schoolers to take control of their education as they progress toward independent learning. Parents will still oversee their children, but start transitioning to a more supportive role.

We continue with our core subjects but expand students’ options to include electives and honors courses as they build on their elementary school skills.

High School

CCA high school students proactively participate in their education, setting goals, working independently, and exploring future careers. Our curriculum guides each student beyond graduation. They work with learning coaches and school guidance counselors to develop customized learning and career paths. They can choose from various electives, career-focused clubs, and hands-on workshops, including job shadowing and internships.

Special Education

Our special education program celebrates each child’s uniqueness, offering families of students with special learning needs customized learning strategies and services. We meet each student where they are, providing tailored accommodations and modifications based on the student’s individualized education program (IEP).

English Language Development Program

CCA’s PA-certified English as a second language (ESL) program specialist teachers guide students through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We also provide interpreters and translators for all school-to-home communication with parents.

Honors Program

In the CCA honors program, students are required to complete challenging courses incorporating project-based learning, problem-solving, and in-class discussion.

How to Enroll in CCA

As a cyber charter school in PA, we offer year-round enrollment at CCA. The application process is easy — start an application to enroll and follow the prompts. You can speed up the process by having the following documents ready:

  • Proof of student age
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of immunization

Once you have completed your application, you’ll fill out a charter enrollment form in our parent portal.

Like all charter schools in PA, we follow the state Department of Education rules and the state laws that govern who can enroll in public schools. We may require previous academic records to work with you to determine the correct grade placement. Watch our on-demand Open House information session to learn more about CCA and our procedures.

Enroll Your Child in the Top Cyber School in Erie, PA

A CCA education helps your child gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to progress in their chosen academic and career paths. Treating each student as an individual brings out the best in them, letting them explore possibilities and pursue multiple interests, all while receiving a quality education. If you have any questions about CCA, request more information and one of our team members will contact you.

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