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Seven Reasons to Change Schools

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    Seven Reasons to Change Schools

    Graphic: Signs it's time to change schools.

    If your child is struggling in school, CCA can help.

    Your ZIP code should not determine the quality of your child’s education. Academic success depends on much more than the school that happens to be nearest your home.

    If your child is having a hard time in school, you want to do everything you can to help them succeed. There are good reasons to consider changing schools. The positive effects of transferring include a happier child and academic success. Commonwealth Charter Academy offers the support your child needs to thrive in an environment of respect and recognition that every student learns differently.

    Table of contents:

    What Are Some Reasons to Switch Schools?

    Watching a child struggle in school is challenging for a parent. For your child, the consequences are emotionally and physically draining. You can hope for the best and try to intervene, but not every school is a good fit for every child.

    Just as adults have to find a workplace culture that suits their skills and work ethic, children need to feel secure knowing that their school is the right place for them. The rigid design of a traditional classroom isn’t the best school option for everyone. Students should explore their unique interests at their preferred pace in a safe and enriching classroom. At CCA, every child receives an education personalized to their needs.

    If your child’s school prevents them from reaching their full potential, it may be time to change schools. Finding the right school will help children feel empowered, so they can enjoy learning again. 

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    Knowing When It’s Time to Change Schools

    Switching schools is a crucial decision, and every parent wants to make the best choices for their child. Consider the reasons you should move schools and examine your options with your child’s needs in mind. 

    Look for these signs to help you identify when changing schools is a necessary step. 

    1. Your Child Seems Withdrawn

    If your child is losing interest in school, an unfulfilling education could be the culprit. A curriculum tailored to your child’s needs and abilities could help make their assignments more engaging and promote their educational growth.

    Escaping a one-size-fits-all education is an excellent reason to move schools. CCA offers a personalized curriculum to pique your child’s unique interests. We engage students with fascinating subjects that match their skills and preferences. 

    2. Your Child Has Stopped Progressing

    Ideally, school should develop a student’s academic, social, and emotional intelligence. If your child stops progressing in any of these areas, consult with their teacher to address the situation. There could be a simple solution, such as working with a tutor or adjusting their classes. Your child may benefit from having a doctor’s examination to uncover hearing, vision, or other physical impairments that could be holding them back. 

    If your child experiences no improvement, switching schools might be the best solution. Find a school that will make your child’s growth a priority.

    3. Your Child’s Safety Is at Risk

    If your child’s physical or emotional well-being is in danger, you should immediately address the issue with teachers and school administrators. Engaging in physical or verbal fights, being bullied, or receiving threats are all warning signs that require immediate attention. If your school’s policies can’t resolve the issue, changing schools can give your child a fresh start. 

    At CCA, we have committed to building a culture of respect. We’ve implemented strict anti-bullying policies to promote a safe and nurturing environment

    4. Your Child Refuses to Go to School

    If your child pretends to be sick, acts upset, or flat-out refuses to get on the bus, it may be time to switch schools. Children typically avoid school for a reason. They might feel uncomfortable or disinterested in their classes. Switching schools can reignite their enthusiasm and give them something to look forward to every morning.

    Graphic: Reignite their enthusiasm.

    5. Your Child’s Education Is Lacking

    Every school is different, and some are better than others. The educational quality and attention to detail vary depending on the staff and administration. The focus should be on providing a personalized education based on each student’s individual needs.

    If you feel your child’s school could be doing more to support your child’s education, it might be time to explore different options.

    6. Your Child Has Social Anxiety

    If your child finds it challenging to make friends or fit in with their classmates, they might benefit from switching schools. Making friends is easier for some children than others, and their school’s social culture plays a significant role. 

    Find a school community that will make your child feel comfortable and excited to interact with their classmates. At CCA, we provide hundreds of clubs and field trip opportunities so children can meet new people and create friendly relationships. 

    7. Your Child Has a Learning Disability

    A traditional classroom setting can be challenging for children with a learning disability. A national study from the Journal of Attention Disorders found that at least one in five students with ADHD does not receive necessary school-based intervention services. Switching to another school could help you find the support your child needs to succeed.

    CCA offers a special education program tailored to your child’s needs. The flexibility of online learning allows for a unique education with personalized strategies and interventions from the comfort of your home. 

    Why CCA Is an Ideal Option for Switching Schools

    The right school can make all the difference for your child. Students flourish at CCA because of our personalized approach and other core policies like these.

    • Zero tolerance for bullying: At CCA, every child receives respect, and learns to respect others from a young age. School officials stamp out bullying at the first sign. Learners who were targets of bullying at their old schools have access to resources meant to help them recover.
    • Individualized learning: CCA teachers and counselors tailor the learning day and pace of study to your child’s needs. Gifted children find enrichment. Those with learning challenges get the support they need to make progress.
    • IEP customization: CCA’s online schooling takes learning into the home, where parents and guardians can join in the lessons and students can be safe from distractions. Our specially designed instructions and services ensure that your child’s IEP guides every lesson.
    • Learning coaches: CCA lets parents and guardians designate “learning coaches,” such as trusted relatives or family friends, to direct the child’s school day and help with academics.
    • Flexibility: CCA students do schoolwork and attend class sessions on their schedules, finding a true balance between extracurricular interests and academic success.
    • Career readiness: We encourage students to pursue their interests and prepare for life after graduation, whether they enter college, career training, the military, or the workforce.
    • Socialization: We schedule field trips and family events that introduce children to the world around them and spark friendships with children who share their interests.

    CCA Can Help Meet Your Family’s Needs

    There are many good reasons to switch schools, and finding the perfect match can help your child thrive. No matter your school transfer reasons, CCA will make your child feel welcomed and fully supported with an education tailored to their interests.  

    Commonwealth Charter Academy offers the right fit for many families seeking alternatives to traditional, brick-and-mortar public school districts. CCA is a K-12 public cyber charter school available at no cost to Pennsylvania families. 

    We accept new students year-round and can help you and your child make the transition with ease. Enroll your child at CCA to experience the benefits of individualized education for your child.


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