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Seven Reasons to Change Schools

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If your child is struggling in school, CCA can help.

Your ZIP code should not determine the quality of your child’s education. Academic success depends on much more than the curriculum of the school that happens to be nearest your home.

If your child is struggling in school, you might feel helpless or powerless to do anything, but the fact is, you can make a change. There are good reasons to switch schools. The positive effects of changing schools include a happier child and academic success. CCA offers the support your child needs to thrive, in an environment of respect and recognition that every student learns differently.

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Why Changing Schools Can Be a Great Idea

Watching a child struggle in school is wrenching for a parent. For your child, the consequences are emotionally and physically draining. You can hope for the best and try to intervene, but not every school is a good fit for every child.

Just as adults have to find the right workplace that suits their skills and work ethic, children need to feel secure in the knowledge that their school is the right place for them. They shouldn’t have to learn at a pace determined by a system or teacher. They shouldn’t have to fear the classroom or any classmates. They shouldn’t have to set aside their unique interests in a quest to keep up with prefabricated lesson plans.

The key, of course, is knowing when to change schools. We say the best time to switch schools is when you realize your child’s current school isn’t suiting their needs. Finding the right school can re-engage parents in their children’s learning and help them feel empowered.

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) offers the right fit for many families seeking alternatives to traditional, brick-and-mortar public school districts. CCA is a K through 12 public cyber charter school available at no cost to Pennsylvania families. At CCA, every child receives an education personalized to their needs.

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How to Know When It’s Time to Change Schools

The decision to change schools can be difficult, but when you examine your options through the lens of your child’s needs, you will see it can be the right choice.

Start with these seven signs that it’s time to change schools. Often, the causes of these problems can be traced to the school environment. If the school or teacher won’t adapt, it’s time to send your child down a new path.

1. Your Child Seems Unhappy, Disengaged or Bored

If a child seems stuck in a cycle of unhappiness, the cause could be an unfulfilling education and the school’s failure to acknowledge their talents. When gifted children are not being challenged, they can develop behavioral problems and become moody. According to the National Association for Gifted Children, 6 percent to 10 percent of students are gifted and could use additional classroom supports. A curriculum tailored to their needs and aptitude could help make their assignments more engaging and promote their overall educational growth.

Children could be unhappy for other reasons. Personal problems, such as trouble at home, bullying and emotional issues, are equally distracting and require attention. Working with the school is a potential solution, but if your child’s mood does not improve over time, it might be a good time to change schools.

2. Your Child Has Fallen Behind or Stopped Progressing

School is intended to develop a child’s academic, intellectual, social and emotional intelligence. If your child stops progressing in any of these areas, talk to their teachers to figure out why. There could be a simple solution, such as more advanced classes, working with a tutor or learning coach, or even getting a doctor’s examination to uncover hearing, vision or other physical problems. However, if a solution isn’t evident or the school doesn’t make an effort to find it, this could be time to start looking for a school that will make your child’s growth a priority.

3. You Have Concerns About Your Child’s Safety

If your child’s physical or emotional well-being is in danger, you should immediately address the issue with teachers and school administrators. Engaging in physical or verbal fights, being bullied and receiving threats are all warning signs that require immediate attention. If you believe your concerns are not being addressed adequately, do not hesitate. This is the best time to switch schools. CCA offers a safe haven for families escaping the scourge of bullying. We take conscientious steps to help students heal and to prevent bullying in the school environment. Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) draws resources from school officials, families and community providers to customize plans for the needs of each family.

4. Your Child Refuses or Does Not Want to Go to School

When your child starts refusing to go to school, there is usually an underlying issue. They might pretend not to wake up, fake a stomachache or get upset before boarding the bus. It can all mean they are trying to avoid a larger problem. Talk to your child and their teachers immediately to get the full story.

5. The Quality of Your Child’s Education is Lacking

Not all schools are created equal. The quality and attention to detail of teaching are different at every school. So is the focus on providing a personalized education based on each student’s individual needs. If you feel your child’s educational needs are not being met, it might be time to explore different options.

6. Your Child Is Having Behavioral or Social Issues

A child labeled the “bad kid” or who simply isn’t making friends might benefit from a change of scenery. Your child could be misunderstood and unfairly labeled as “the problem” when, the truth is, they aren’t comfortable socially. Once again, if school personnel aren’t listening, it’s probably time to make a change.

7. Your Child Has Been Diagnosed With ADHD or a Learning Disability

Learning disabilities make it difficult for children to fit into traditional classroom settings. A national study from the Journal of Attention Disorders found that at least one in five students with ADHD does not receive needed school-based intervention services. If your child has special needs that are not being addressed, a change in classroom setting is worth exploring.

CCA’s special education program is unique. The program offers students with special needs the ability to customize strategies and interventions of services, allowing them to fully integrate in school from the safe, comfortable environment of home.

Why CCA Is an Ideal Option for Switching Schools

The right school can make all the difference for your child. Students flourish at CCA because our personalized approach delivers learning that’s truly customized. This is how we believe school should work:

Zero Tolerance for Bullying

At CCA, every child is respected and taught from a young age to respect others. Bullying is stamped out at the first sign. Learners who were bullied at their old schools have access to resources meant to help them recover.

Individualized Learning

Every child learns differently: CCA teachers and counselors tailor the learning day and pace of study to the needs of your child. Gifted children find enrichment. Those with learning challenges get the support they need to make progress.

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IEP Customization

CCA’s online schooling takes learning into the home, where parents and guardians can join in the lessons and students can be safe from distractions. Our specially designed instructions and services ensure that your child’s IEP, based on comprehensive input and data, guides every lesson.

Learning Coaches

Not every parent can spend all day with their at-home students. CCA lets parents and guardians designate “learning coaches,” such as trusted relatives or family friends, to direct the child’s school day and help with academics.


Traditional schooling rarely accommodates the unique needs of families who travel or students pursuing competitive sports or rigorous training in the arts. CCA students do schoolwork and take classes on their own schedules, finding true balance between extracurricular interests and academic success.


CCA encourages students to pursue their interests and prepare for life after graduation, whether they enter college, career training, the military or the workforce.


Students in traditional schools can’t choose the children who surround them every day. CCA is different. We schedule field trips and family events that introduce children to the world around them and spark friendships with children who share their interests.

CCA Can Help Meet Your Family’s Needs

There are many good reasons to switch schools, starting with the fact that the right school can change a child’s life. No family has to stay with a school that’s stuck to the old ways of educating by assembly line.

We can show you why this is the best time to switch schools. Enroll your child at CCA today or request more information to find out how we can help you make the transition with ease.


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